pls grow

I have anxiety over my hair growth again, it is slightly longer than it was the last time I freaked out, currently my hair is covering the tops of my ears by about an inch, maybe less but at this rate it will take around six months to cover my ears, it really stagnated after a point.

Weighed 145lbs this morning, somehow, diet started off well today until I ate half a lasagne in the evening. I feel a bit of fat has gone to my face/cheeks so that has me a little upbeat.

Played Pokemon Moon some more, my character is female, I wasn’t sure what name to select though so I went for my own. I thought I did know which name I wanted but I was wrong, it conjures up negative emotions. The game itself is still not exciting me at this point.

Brother saw me with a pack of pills, doesn’t matter too much, he doesn’t know what they were.

I watched The Apprentice, probably my favourite show on television, not that I watch anything else other than MOTD.

Went to ASDA to buy some more Icelandic yogurt, I went around the park because it’s dark and scary, nothing to do with the rapist. On the way there I fantasised about meeting old school friends on the train at a point in the future where I was comfortable presenting as female even though I wouldn’t pass.


4 thoughts on “pls grow

  1. why are you so shallow these days? Its like the only things you ever talk about are your hair, complexion and weight! You act like a dumb friggin teenage girl! what would your ancestors think if they could see you now son?! You’re a smart kid. Snap out of It and get your shit together lad!!!


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