My siblings wanted to take a family photo today for my mothers upcoming birthday, the novelty is that we would replicate poses from another photo sitting on the mantle. I couldn’t muster the confidence to wear my green female hoodie, it wasn’t masculine enough and would invite questions.

I played some more Pokemon Moon today, it’s frustrating how I must keep removing pokemon from my party after discovering their evolutions are even more hideous or unimpressive than their previous form. Despite only a few new additions, I am struggling to find even one new design I like.

Watched UFC 205, entertaining show, I’m not overly into Connor MacGreggor but he’s certainly much more talented, well spoken and fights in a more eye pleasing way than the rest of the roster.

It will take a 2 weeks before I see the effects of my most recent laser session but I’m already getting anxiety over it having not worked.

My solicitor is trying to convince me that everything with the pigs was above board, I don’t believe him.


12 thoughts on “‘sup SKRRRRRT

  1. it sounds like the police never really intended to prosecute huh? they just wanted to scare you a bit. is that a fair assessment of the situation?

    I reckon if you had pleaded not guilty to your first charge you may have escaped ca conviction, or at least received no worse punishment than you eventually did. do you ever think about that?


    • You’re correct. Though it’s not that the police wanted to scare me, it’s that they were trying to appease the Polish girls and university because there were threats to involve the Polish consulate and the uni had influence over the police too.

      If I had plead not guilty, my fine would have been £400 instead of £300 but it would have taken an extra month to resolve. What I should have done was plead guilty as soon as I was charged, that way I would have saved months of my life, this whole story would have taken a difference trajectory.


  2. When will you hear about your appeal?

    Out of the following people who do you blame most for your expulsion from university:

    a) the Polish girl
    b) the police officer who arrested you
    c) the dean
    d) your father
    e) the r9k guy who ratted you out
    f) yourself
    g) other (please specify)


    • 22nd is the latest they must reply, I expect they will wait until that point again.

      1) Dean (He had enough power to make things right but he either buckled like a coward or was crooked himself, he removed any element of fairness and chance that I had to sort my life out, the decision to suspend me was ultimately his)
      2) Polish girl (seemed to delight in the misery she caused, exaggerated, outright lied and has shown no remorse)
      3) Police officer (He was corrupt, he would lie to my face, he knew how his actions would affect my life but he didn’t care, he just wanted to make an arrest)
      4) There are other university staff and former students who are to blame too, the Polish girls friends and the head of the business school etc.
      —POWER GAP—
      5) Father (He made me, all my faults are his creation)
      6) /r9k/ guy (I don’t care, from his POV it’s either banter or genuine worry)
      —POWER GAP—
      7) Myself, I should have plead guilty the first moment I was able, the day after my arrest in court for my bail hearing


      • What about blaming yourself for doing all the fucked up things that lead to this in the first place? If you had just concentrated on your studies and left those girls alone you’d have been fine. Don’t you ever blame yourself for that? I’d put that at number 1.


      • That’s victim blaming, like saying if a woman hadn’t left the house a particular night and focused on being a good housewife she wouldn’t have been raped


  3. I read your blog from the beginning. This is how I would attribute blame

    1. polish girl (there were far better ways to handle the situation. no justification for involving the police, embassy, university, etc. It was disproportionate, way way too excessive)
    2. Your solicitor (he sounded lazy and disinterested, he provided you with sloppy service and did the absolute bare minimum required, he was never interested in proving your innocence)
    3. Dean and faculty staff (I suppose I’m in no position to judge, but the process sounded like a stitch up from the get go. They hid behind the bureaucratic process and refused to treat you like a real human bean)
    4. R9k guy. (He prob did it for the lulz. Was a genuinely cuntish thing to do, but you can’t be surprised to encounter people like this on 4chan)

    I don’t hold the police responsible. The officer is just a hammer hitting a nail, going through the motions, etc. he really never had the capacity to do other than he did. I’d also say your father is a victim of circumstance. For all his faults, he is also a product of his environment and never wished this upon you.


    • Yeah, you understand the people involved in orchestrating my downfall well.

      One exception though, the detective, he was incredibly snarky and was stuck me with false charges in order to buy time, he is not a good person and knowingly treated me unfairly when he had the power to make his own decisions


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