My Jihad (“Jihad” = Arabic for struggle, detective)

My appeal was rejected, here’s what I was sent:

I’ll give credit to them for addressing all of the arguments I made, however they did not actually respond to my points sufficiently, everything was handwaved away with “my opinion trumps yours”. It is what it, I can’t get back into university now, that’s happened and I need to deal with it. I fucked up my life, my employment prospects are non-existent, this is my life now and there’s no possibility of it changing now.

It sucks, it really fucking sucks, I hate this situation, I hate all the people who did this to me and most of all I hate that I’m powerless to do anything about it. My only option seems to be to kill myself, that’ll end the pain, there’s no point in living if I’m not happy or serving a purpose but I’m conflicted, I don’t want to just kill myself, it torments me that a dozen or so people have abused me and they have gotten away with it, the only ones who know of the crimes they’ve committed are themselves and the few thousands of people who have read my blog. At this point all I want are two thing, 1) for my pain to end and 2) either the nation to know my story and/or for justice to be served.

I suppose if I want a shot at 2) my only realistic recourse would be to do something that makes the news, something like a very attention grabbing stunt at the uni, shit like Fathers for Justice used to do  or those nudist feminists, some kind of protest.

Might take up the NHS on that mental health referral.

Thought today was going to be a good day, caught a Mareanie, one of the rarer Pokemon in the new game, it’s a female too so I could breed it without a ditto and do a giveaway.

My dad saw me without my shirt on, we had a conversation, he stared at my chest for a bit, he probably thinks my physical appearance is strange but he can’t make the leap to “tranny pills” so easily.

JSA payment not come through, they didn’t receive the last letter I sent in response to their demands for proof of my savings.


17 thoughts on “My Jihad (“Jihad” = Arabic for struggle, detective)

  1. It doesn’t need to end this way poleaboo. You’ve been excessively but not unjustly punished. You do not need to hurt anyone else. Life may be over for you here but you can take this opportunity to start a new life somewhere else.


  2. >I hate all the people who did this to me

    You did this to yourself. Aren’t you going to take any responsibility for this at all? Without your criminal and creepy actions, you’d have graduated now.

    Don’t you get it Poley? Justice HAS been served. You were the bad guy in this story. Now you’ve had your punishment.

    You can’t call yourself a victim when none of this would have happened if you had done the right thing. You weren’t victimized – this all started when you broke the law and the university’s code of conduct.


    • You write it in plain, simple, unequivocal language but he still won’t get it. The first step before being granted mercy is to accept responsibility for what you did and show remorse, Poley. The fact that you don’t agree doesn’t mean you’re right: it’s simply an indication of how deep and profound your social fucking retardation is.


    • I did something “bad”, I accept that, I always have done, my issue is that the punishment I received was excessive.

      My actions invited punishment however the punishment I received was the wrong one.

      e.g. getting the death penalty for speeding


      • Mercy is for people who can humble themselves to ask for it.

        Given what you did, no authority would go lenient on you unless you threw yourself on their mercy and acted humble. Instead you went in with an incomprehensible defense. It wasn’t even a real argument, mate. You just REEEEE’d and were proud of it.


      • You didn’t do something “bad”. You did something that is absolutely despicable and vile. You think it’s just some little thing, but it’s not.

        Anyone would have been thrown out of university for that. Anyone. You were lucky to only be fined £300. People have been jailed for the same thing. The court decided to be lenient to you, they didn’t want to ruin your whole life. Sadly they sent you the wrong message, because now you think that what you did is the same as a traffic violation. It isn’t.

        You’re a disgusting human being Amir. Not for what you did. But for the way you try to brush it off like it’s nothing, and like you don’t deserve to be punished for it. It makes me physically sick.


  3. Your Story is already attention grabbing.

    If you really think you are innocent and been mistreat and have nothing to lose.
    Take it to a lefty media site, leftys will lap it up, a tranny minority being opressed by a white organization. Only reason not to even try is if you think you are guilty.
    The way you write on the blog lends very well to this

    You will damage the uni’s reputation, potentially alter there decision or recieve a lot of support from liberals and potentially money.

    If you truely have nothing to lose like you claim there is no harm in emailing a few sites with your story to see if they run it, right?


    • Amir is afraid too do that, you should know by now he is all talk, Your idea might actually work, He wont do it because he didn’t come up with it, thus he cant act smug when it works and take all the credit


    • Well as you can see poleaboo ignored your post. He has no plans in fighting for his innocence on potentially a national stage which a media site could give him if he writes his story from the right angle. He just wants to complain, he wont take any advice or try anything that he doesnt think of on his own Terry might be right


  4. So the uni doesn’t teach students that have a criminal conviction? I mean, if you’d been convicted of assault and received your punishment, would they also refuse to teach you for the rest of your life on the off chance you might be a danger to others? If the courts do not consider you dangerous enough to be separated from society, why does the uni think so??


  5. “The media are part of the establishment, just like the police, uni and courts that fucked me over”
    Because the media has never taken pot shots at the establishment.

    get real, you just dont want to do it because your scared, I went ahead and emailed a few liberal websites to see if they’d be interested in your story the majority said yes

    Heck I’d milk it for all the money you could get but your to far up your own ass to take anyones advice. I think the Tariq poster is right in his judgement

    Please explain what you have to lose
    “It is over, I’m not going to pathetically and pointlessly cling to this life any longer.”
    Those are your words
    you have nothing to lose, yet you wont even try out the media idea.


    • First off, the relationship between the media and the government is a controlled one.

      As for your idea, I would just find it difficult to put together and introductory email to the media outlets that grabs their attention.


      • because your university = government
        Okay Amir you really have to stretch your excuses

        you managed to write your appeal, should be able to do an intro email

        Hello I am Amir hussain a POC tranny
        the uni treated me unfairly based on my race and had a rigged trial

        more information

        if you would like me to write a full account or have an interview please let me know


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