Got a few things in the post today, my DNP, it was shipped stealth so came sealed in a generic vitamins bottle, very professional, I was impressed. With 60 caps at my disposal, I should be able to get to 130 at the very least, shame about the rebound which is going to make this journey all the more difficult, hoping to get under 140 by my psych appointment/laser, need to set these goals. Today I took 500mg and I’m going to stick to that dosage for at least a week, maybe make a thread on /fit/ and ask for some stories.

The other two letters (both suspiciously sellotaped shut) were from the NHS and RGU, NHS one was just confirming my appointment, if I miss it, I’ll be blacklisted. The uni letter was just a hard copy of the email they sent. Mum could see RGU stamped on the front and asked about it, told her I was expelled and exactly as I suspected, she had nothing of use to respond with. She didn’t even offer emotional support, all she asked was if I could finish my degree elsewhere, the issues I have with her saying that are, 1)She isn’t actually providing me with any information, she doesn’t know anything about what she’s suggesting and 2)She didn’t ask if I wanted to finish my degree, she just assumed I did.

I should start on the research soon, I wasted most of my bail time by thinking things would be OK, sort of just slumbered for a few months before being poked awake and now I have been jolted. People with less intelligence than I manage this stuff all the time, I can do it, just got to put the time and sufficient effort in and then when it’s done I can rest.

Played a little Hearthstone.

Played some Pokemon Moon, on the final island.



17 thoughts on “Plotting

  1. Poleapaki, you need to drop this childish revenge fantasy. You are going to get bored of it in a month and move on to something else anyway, might as well save the month and get on with life.
    You can still have a comfy life.


    • Being a manchild living at home is not a comfy life, it’s pathetic and I would rather die.

      The worst part if how every day I’m constantly reminded how I’m a loser, how I was defeated by the Poles, the uni and the detective, how they’re all either mocking me or don’t even care about the hurt they’ve caused.

      I don’t want to live like this, I am not giving this up.


  2. Couldn’t you have told the uni you suffer from gender dysphoria and that any discomfort the Polish girls felt is trumped by the fact they’re cis binary females and that you’re way more oppressed than them?


      • Then get diagnosed with something to do with that or related and then just say it affected you at the time and get a doctors letter. Just because you weren’t diagnosed at the time doesn’t mean you weren’t mentally ill.


      • It’s too late now.

        Probably should have taken the advice that was offered here and seen one over a year ago.

        Not that it matters, the uni were NEVER going to have me back regardless of what I had in my favour, I showed you how the dismissed my logical arguments and even a letter of support from a victim.


  3. Please be careful poley, you may think you don’t care about the police but I guarantee you wouldn’t survive prison and come out the same or better.


    • I don’t care about prison because I don’t care about leaving prison, I’d enjoy being somewhere other than here, it’d be a far more interesting environment than my current one.


  4. Get diagnosed with something that justifies what you did and how the expulsion affected you mentally, get a fuckin lawyer and take that university to TRIAL. That’s the best revenge you can have. And if you don’t do it is because you are lazy. Stop making excuses Poley and do something for your own good.
    Or just finish your degree in another university, your father told you he will pay for it. You have options.


  5. Do you think the faulty staff feel smug about what they did? Do you feel there was some racism involved in their decision-making? Did this make it easier for them to dehumanise you are strip you of your rights?

    Also, when does your new job begin? Are you looking forward to it?


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