What do I have to lose (apart from weight)?

Second day on 500mg DNP, the side-effects aren’t strong yet. I was able to stick firmly to my diet, just porridge, pumpkin seeds, Icelandic yogurt and a bit of tuna today. Out of yogurt now so might go out and get some more.

Today was more uneventful than usual, barely even played Pokemon and didn’t watch anything but I was more social than usual, chatting with my internet friends on a one-on-one basis.

Forgot about uni for one day, had to make a note to officially contact the ombudsman soon. I also need to begin my research but I’ll only do preliminary stuff with week and get deep into in after Xmas.


18 thoughts on “What do I have to lose (apart from weight)?

  1. Ok, so let me get this straight – the faculty staff felt they could crush you like a little ant, destroy your life with a flick of their wrist, and then move on with their lives like nothing ever happened? They can spend an hour or two destroying everything that’s important to you, trashing ever valuable thing in your life, and then forget about it like it’s no big thing while you’re left behind, a completely broken man trying to pick up the pieces? Is this how you feel? You feel like they stripped away your basic human rights and crushed you like an insect. They never even gave it a second thought


    • Yes, that is exactly how I feel. I want justice, though that word might not mean the same to everyone since many believe the treatment I have received upto this point has been “justice”


  2. You know mate, as much as i enjoy your blog (reading it from the start), i would really enjoy one post in the future where there is just nothing more to say, one last post where you say you got your shit together, everything is OK and you are happy. Besides the fact that you are working hard to get to that point and not given up on life, i would say that you also deserve a happy ending.

    Best of luck man!


    • I see something similar, one day I won’t post, you won’t see it coming, I won’t be suffering anymore and I while I won’t have the happy ending I wanted, I will have an ending that satisfies me.


      • Your blog is your footprint in this world. It was would be a massive disservice to yourself to leave it without a written conclusion.


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