Embrace me, death

4th day on 500mg DNP and I’m not handling it well, I can’t sleep (dark bags under my eyes), sweat heavily and I’m feeling heavily fatigued all the time, I can barely lift myself up to get to the bathroom. It’s cold now, it should be easy. Also I realised it was unintelligent to start a DNP cycle just before starting work, there’s no way I’ll be able to perform like this, I’ll try cutting to 250mg though I can tell it would be wisest to stop completely.

Can’t play Pokemon Moon is more than short bursts.

Still having issues with JSA, they haven’t paid me from signing on 2 weeks ago.

Depression is starting to build due to having shaved today and not being satisfied with the rate of facial hair loss.

My sister made remarks again today about me not leaving the one spot all day, never doing anything and how I will still be here until I die. My mother as usual “defended” me by attacking my sister with hurtful and scarring remarks, I hate my mother more than my sister, their behaviour is what makes it easier for me to commit to my plans.

I officially submitted my complain to the ombudsman.


2 thoughts on “Embrace me, death

  1. I picked up Pokemon Moon as well and it’s the same for me too, I can only play it in short bursts before I have to go do something else. I think it just feels like it takes forever to do things in the game.


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