Bad day but I’m not down

Nintendo banned my 3DS because I played the leaked version of Pokemon Moon (and went online with it), wouldn’t have been a complete disaster but trying to resolve the issue I accidentally formatted my SD card, deleting my Pokemon Moon and Dragon Quest progress, games from the Freeshop are gone too. Going to be really mad if this ban only lasts 15 days as some claim.

The night on 500mg DNP was hellish again, couldn’t get to sleep, heavy sweating, pissing regularly due to desperately trying to keep myself hydrated. During the night I also half shut my heavy bedroom door on my finger nail, part of it is now discoloured, I have also somehow severely sprained my wrist. Both the DNP and wrist injury will making working difficult, can’t say I’m upset about having an exit route though. Diet isn’t going well, I feel sick most of the day so my appetite is kill but because of the sick feeling, I feel as if eating will make me feel better

I got my mum riled up today, she told me she left her handbag in her car and was worried it’d be stolen so she asked me to retrieve it, I told her to wait, she kept pecking at my head before snapping 3 minutes later and calling me a “fucking bastard”, unsurprisingly she is more like my father than she likes to show.

I’m not feeling “depressed” right now because I’m not thinking about my problems, even when I try to think about them, they don’t immediately register. Tomorrow will be a big day going forward, I’ll be starting my new job and accessing a new source of income and world of potential friends/NPCs.


6 thoughts on “Bad day but I’m not down

  1. It seems like this batch of DNP is having a greater negative impact on you than the previous lot.

    Did you buy from a reputable source?

    Also, in order to achieve your desired flat tummy, you’re going to need to do more than lose weight. Incorporate some cardio into your life, namely crunches, and cut out the chemicals.


    • I bought from one of the still active sellers listed on the /fit/ DNP pastebin, they also have good rep on leddit

      Maybe it was the previous batch that was weak?

      Might try running back from work


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