Busy, busy, busy

I woke up early today, before 8am, hit the dentists in the cold rainy whether, no shower because I would be going back to sleep afterwards. As it transpired though, I shouldn’t have woken up at all, my dentist called in sick so my appointment was rescheduled to a date over a week from now.

Got a good 4 hours of sleep, or at least rest, before having to get up again to get myself down to the JobCentre and sign on, the rain had become heavier. Felt smug waking in knowing I’d “done good” by attaining a job and wouldn’t need to return here for some time, my work coach was even nicer than usual. I consider myself a local success story, my triumph is particularly notable due to my race, there are certainly far more pakis here than other races.

Looking at myself in the mirror, my body is certainly in the area where I want it to be, just a shame about my face.

Driving lesson was bad, forgot the reference points for the manoeuvres, I just felt out of it, instructor aggressively grabbed my wheel a few times. Asked him to send me info regarding the manoeuvres since every website says something different to what he says.

I had a nice call with a friendly man when calling to cancel my jobseekers allowance claim, got the cash I was owed too. I felt he was proud of me for having found work and let down a little when I revealed that it would only be for 4 weeks.

The ombudsman called me twice, missed both calls due to driving at the time, I called back and they had good news for me, they would be investigating my complaint though it would take 10 weeks before I heard something back however the reason for the call was more than that, she wanted to check I wasn’t going to kill myself, when filling out the complaint form, I had suggested, strongly, that I might, I was able to write it off as sarcasm again but really that’s not what it is, it’s a manifestation of frustration and uncertainty. The woman wanted to give me some hotlines to call if I needed help. I am concerned that the only reason my complaint is being considered is because of the suicide threat.

I ate nothing but cereal today, must be related to DNP cravings or an effect arising from sleeping and waking up so often. Still taking DNP, I don’t want to reset the progress I’ve made, only 250mg.

I’ll post about my first day at work tomorrow since I’m on the night shift.


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