Arrested again

I was awoken around 11am when I needed to take a piss, went to the bathroom in my underwear, after I was done, I heard the police arriving, I signalled that I was upstairs while they stormed the rest of the house. A (Scottish) detective dressed in a bulletproof vest watched me put on my clothes, it wasn’t embarrassing, I didn’t care. I told him I was on DNP and another (local) police officer soon arrived, he wanted details of the DNP and my other meds, no prescription so they didn’t care.

Went downstairs, mum, dad and oldest sister were there two alongside 2 local detectives who guarded us, just waited 1-2 hours while 2 Scottish detectives and 2 regular local officers searched the house and seized stuff. Mum was doing the expected, being confused and repeating “dindu nuffin” etc, she was clearly panicked, even did the cliche thing of trying to clean up a little. Dad was pissed, I humiliated him a few times, reminding him he couldn’t speak English and it was useless for him to try to talk. A police officer was in conversation and my dad answered as if he was speaking to him. The worst thing he did was rant often about how I’ve wasted several years of my life. Sister was nice, supportive, even attacked my father a few times.

Scottish detective in a white bulletproof was nice, I know it’s all an act though, just like the others, he didn’t need to expose himself though. The police seized about 15 items in the house, multiple laptops, computers, ipad, Mac etc. Felt pretty bad about this, my brother in particular since it affects him during his final uni year. I got to see my bedroom before leaving, they left it a right mess, they were certainly thorough, they saw my pills but I can’t remember if they were left in plain sight for my family to find.

I drove with the 2 Scottish detectives for 7-8 hours, handcuffed, there was no talking, we got a meal and I used the toilet once, took a half an hour plus detour so I decided to stay off the water after that. Detectives would give me privacy when using the toilet (and later when changing), this might have been because of my gender identity, I’m sure the norm is for them to watch. At the end of the ride, detective decided to cash in on his good boy points and fish for some info, he got it, since I’m thick as fuck and always fall for the same tricks, they ask something easy, I answer, they ask something hard next and I evade, this is an answer in itself.

Sat in the consultation room for a long time waiting for the legal aid/duty solicitor to contact me, after a while I took my top off to show off my cutting scars, hopefully get some attention but it failed, I should know by now that the pigs don’t care.

At the police station I admitted that I self -harmed so they put me in the retard gear, blue quilted t-shirt and lime green shorts, tried to cut myself with paper, didn’t manage much damage but I drew a small amount of blood. The cell was the same, nothing but a toilet, water at the push of a button and a crash mat to sleep on, nothing at all to hurt myself with unless I was into blunt force.

The lone detective who interviewed me was a female from a last time, it was all a set up, I got done for an impostors post, I tried to explain how 4chan works etc but she saw that as a confession somehow. There was some confusion where she said “Police say Monica” and I heard it as “pls say Monica” and I jumped on that as proof of it being fake but she took that as me having fallen into her trap and admitting it was my post. It’s a post from 11th June 2016, not sure what board. We argued a bit after that, I threw a hissy fit, she called me a child, my official response to her stating my charges was asking why she still had acne at her age. This post at the time fell under “Stalking” aka section 39, at the bail hearing it was downgraded to just another “Communications act” violation.

Other charges are violations of “Communications act”, that’s me emailing people that I’d an hero and breaching my bail (supposedly ended November, not September)

Anyway, bail went fine, prosecutor fucked up, my defence is ace.

My charges are

  • Communications act – That impostors post
  • Communications act – Sending emails to Polish girl #1. Polish girl #2 and the woman who refused my university expulsion appeal an email suggesting I’d an hero in a sarcastic tone
  • Communications act – Asking Polish girl #1 to support my appeal
  • Breach of bail (Accessing the internet)

Communications act is basically any message that causes annoyance or is seen as a nuisance.

My solicitor thinks we can easily have half of the charges dismissed. He’s good.

The police are still investigating some “hacking” shit, that’s why they took the laptop etc, these charges are all just a smokescreen to justify that.

I wanted to have myself remanded after the bail hearing, felt I was in crisis but I couldn’t find the station.


10 thoughts on “Arrested again

  1. Pay attention everyone, this is how it happens.

    When you fuck up in this society, the state tries very hard to keep you there. Most landlords don’t want to rent to someone that’s homeless. Loans go to the people who least need them. Everything in this society is aimed at IDing you when you’re down on your luck and keeping you there.

    So one transgression which is almost comical leads to another transgression, and pretty soon you’ll find yourself being locked out of legitimate society and you won’t really have much choice other than to keep making transgressions. If your current circumstances don’t warn them off your record will.

    You’re an adult now, this is not youthful clowning, it’s your life. Courts and court supervision and jobs that treat you like slightly less of an animal than the courts do. You have very little time left.

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