Bye for now

Updated yesterdays entry with more details of my arrest and bail, I’ll post my bail letter on Monday and that will likely be my final post until my intermediate diet in January, the trial in February or at the earliest, my mental health appointment on the 8th December. For my own wellbeing and for the sake of those around me, I should probably stay offline for a while.

I’ll expand this post later but cliffnotes for now.

I stayed the night at a hotel. Called my family to tell them I’m OK.

They (mum, dad, sister) checked the number and drove all night to reach the hotel by morning and surprise me and stage an intervention.

Stopped me from remanding myself, sister understood my feelings but mum cried until I agreed to change my mind, don’t know why I changed my mind, the actual words my mum said showed she still didn’t understand me but I didn’t like seeing her cry.

We just drove back home. When alone, I spoke with my sister about depression, anxiety and pissing myself at the amusement park.

We were involved in a car crash, one car bumped into another and that car into ours. Mummy went in an ambulance and cried again.

Everyone is being super nice to me now, maybe it’s because they know how terrible the police can be or perhaps it’s just because they know I feel like killing myself.

I went back to work. I cried when I didn’t understand what to do (shortly after the lunch break) and quit. Manager tried speaking to me but I was still too upset to speak properly, I didn’t want to anyway.

That autistic bastard from work who I befriended on day 1 has now made 3 other autistic, freakish looking pals, another little Judas, I wonder why I even bother.


22 thoughts on “Bye for now

  1. so you dont want your friend who you only meet at work making other friends at work while you were away. you have a very normie view of friends and friendship. wouldnt call it a judas act because jobs are mundane as shit so talking to others helps with that.

    lame to hear about the rest, consider getting sent to a mental institution then check if you have any grounds to sue the police on the grounds of emotional distress for you and your family. (if you solictor does get you off a lot of the charges) it’s worth asking about if you get off


  2. In a comment of mine a few days ago I mentioned Scottanon had posted a message on r9k saying he’d contacted faculty staff to harass them about you. I even posted a voice recording he left on a stff member’s answering service. Seeing how this comment is date stamped on your blog, it should be solid evidence that imposters have been causing mischief under your name!!!


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