Brief update, nothing exciting

Starting my new job tomorrow, warehouse thing, got through an agency, it pays well £7.40/hour and when/if I get hired by the company themselves in a month or so the pay rises to £9.00/hour. The problem here is that I won’t be able to hold this job for more than a week, I lied about having warehouse experience, on the induction I was completely lost and worst of all I could barely lift the boxes I’m supposed to spend all day picking up and moving.

One nice feature though is that the job takes place partly in a freezer, literally -18C. I have to wear some special protective gear, hands get numb real quick without gloves. Hoping to get fired quickly once they realise I’m physically incapable of performing this job, I’m worried though that they will show pity on me.

Weighed 141.5lbs today.

Laser in a few hours.


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