Might update later

Finally under 140lbs or 10 stones (only just and that’s the lowest weight the scales showed today but it’s still probably a legit number since I’m carrying water weight due to the DNP and ate a lot last night). I should be happy but I’m not losing as much tummy fat as I’d like, the distressing thing is that I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and my body was extremely thin, even from the side, my belly isn’t significant, it’s not even noticeable when I’m standing up but it’s there and this causes me distress. I am considering that I just need to train my abdominal muscles because they’re not strong enough to keep my intestines etc. in place. Working out and dropping one more stone/15lbs is my goal now in addition to continuing the abdominal exercises.

Really feeling the DNP lately and I’m managing to control my calorie intake a respectable amount on most days, must be my best cycle yet. One reason it might now be so easy to resist takeaways is because I know I don’t want red meat or a (chicken) burger so I have no idea what exactly I actually want or where to get it.

Back on Universal Credit though I’m going to get sanctioned for a while due to effectively quitting my last job. Sucks, they really did pay £7.40/hour with no deductions by the agency.

Mum offered to trim my hair, I let her, I regret it, now I’m mad at her, I look ridiculous, I repeatedly told her to leave my fucking fringe alone. Also feels like she’s taken more off the sides than the back, looks like something resembling a mullet.

Solicitor isn’t responding to my emails, just the same as the last lot, as soon as Legal Aid comes through they blank you.


5 thoughts on “Might update later

    • >anorexic
      I wish, too often I go above my target calorie intake, that and I still have tummy fat


      Might have exaggerated, I can comb it to the point it doesn’t look so bad but it’s still enough to make me angry at my mother every time I look into the mirror


    • The Royal Mail job was one where they were hiring everyone and anyone
      I quit due to extenuating circumstances

      The recent warehouse job I got because I lied on my CV and they also seemed a bit desperate to hire people
      I quit due to severe anxiety, something normies could never understand


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