Worthless update by a worthless person

Still struggling to get through the day, started and stopped taking Sertaline, one of the symptoms of depression is that it makes it harder to get out of bed, I don’t want this, I don’t want the day to drag on any longer. Still certain that I’ll eventually kill myself, after the drama of the trial(s), the date will become much clearer, I can’t imagine I’ll hold out until the end of the year.

Got 18 DNP caps left, that’s 9 days worth and I’m going to make the most of them, my current cycle will run until Xmas by which time I hope to be comfortably between 135-140lbs, by this I mean that my weight never fluctuates above 140lbs like it does now.

My legal aid papers have not come through and my solicitor won’t talk to me until they do, they need to be approved by the procurator fiscal (as I understand it) and he seems to have it in for me. Psych said I should hear something back from them in 2 weeks, only been 1 so far so I shouldn’t get upset.

Distressingly, my illusion of hips may just be skinnyfat though it does feel as if there is bone there and the layer of fat is normal. Facial hair loss is moving along at a fair rate, I wish it was faster but I can’t complain too much, it is happening.

Started playing Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse.


3 thoughts on “Worthless update by a worthless person

    • Sure but while using DNP, I am completely exhausted, I find it difficult to even climb the stairs (need to take a break and hold the railing for support)

      I’ll consider more exercise after Xmas once my DNP supply is finished


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