Less than 2 months to go

Had an argument with my sister and mother about my tablet, they seem to think I’d so something stupid and get arrested again. It has now been thrown in the trash (as far as I know, I didn’t see it happen). I just feel angry all the time and have nothing to do again now. Should probably finish reading The Dunwich Horror.

My solicitor is being a pain, he won’t talk to me until he gets my legal aid papers from the procurator fiscal and that guy has it in for me so he’s deliberately dragging it out.

The dysphoria isn’t all I can think about now since I was arrested, now it’s suicide 90% of the time, that’s what I dream about, that’s what I fantasise about, death. Facial hair loss, still progressing fairly well, problem with my skin in the areas when that hair was particularly coarse. It can probably be solved, most things can, might even just take nothing more than time but it doesn’t stop me from becoming stressed. Next laser session is 2 weeks away.

I have put on a bit of weight, ate a lot of chocolates and various other treats, I couldn’t help myself, I haven’t put on much (yet) but it takes a while to show on the scales.


14 thoughts on “Less than 2 months to go

  1. What happens in ‘less than 2 months’???

    Also, give us an update on your younger brother, you rarely talk about him. What’s he doing (studying, work, neet), how did he react to your most recent arrest, did you have a heart-to-heart with him like you did with you sister recently?

    Finally, have you told anyone in your family about your blog?


    • Trial in February
      Still not talking to my brother, we share a room, he’s in his final year of uni, I resent him for choosing to spend his final year living at home. As for work he has no problem finding retail jobs. Normie, through and through, has friends.

      No one knows about my blog but my sister sorta clocked I had gender dysphoria.


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