Unnecessary entry #733

140.5-143lbs, hoping I don’t screw up my keto diet and end up putting on huge amounts of weight. I wonder how much of the 30lbs I lost since I started my diet was muscle?

Bought a 5 months supply of Estrogen (Progynova), I’m just about out, only have around 2 weeks remaining.

Playing Pokemon Moon again, picked the water starter this time, I was drawn to it after it was called “transsexual” on /vp/.

Police think I’m a jihadi, there’s stuffing me with these petty charges to cover up their fuck up.

Still feeling frustrated, I don’t imagine myself going to the counselling sessions, I was expecting a call this week but it appears I’m too low a priority.

My solicitor is still being useless, it’s really fucked up how they lose all interest in me once legal aid has come through.


5 thoughts on “Unnecessary entry #733

  1. Do the police think you are a jihadi because of ScotAnon’s phone calls?

    Is it anything to do with the posts about “Terry”?


    • Have you seen Thailads screencap?

      It’s down to a post that has been alleged to be me, using the word “Jihad” and posting a pic of a uni expulsion letter

      That’s literally it but I guess they thought they’d better be safe than sorry (or more likely just try to get some glory and a promotion)

      I know they think I’m a jihadi because they took my digital camera, there’s no reason to take it other than to search for martyr videos

      I also feel the amount of electronics they took was excessive, the only way to justify that is if they suspect me of plotting something.

      Also, iirc it’s normal for detectives to wear bulletproofs but if not, then there’s that too


      • He’s a cunt from /brit/….bit on the fence about reposting it here, specifically. It features an email exchange between himself and detective, I could imagine that getting me into trouble somehow. Not just the pics on its own but other cunts emailing detective with shit.

        It SHOULD be evidence in my defence since in the thread he explains he did it (caused fear/alarm by claiming I’m dangerous) just to see if he could get the police to post on /brit/ to live out some crappy meme.

        Email me and I’ll link you since I trust you not to post it on /britfeel/


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