The paki cunt from the other day accidentally stuck his memory stick into my USB at the library (sitting opposite me) and I deleted his uni coursework and notes (6 word documents, one was criminology, I wonder if they were all meme subjects?).

Felt giddy at first but now I’m feeling guilty.

Probably has backups, so no harm done?

Not 100% sure why I did it, the opportunity was there and I just figured it would be a waste and a regret if I didn’t act. I really feel offended by him, drinking Diet Coke and being so skinny give off the impression that he thinks he’s better than me. He owned an iPhone but I couldn’t access that so the wealthy typical paki probably deserved it even in the eyes of someone more objective. I can still see him now at the library during my second visit, over an hour now after I first left, he seems to be looking glum and possible studying or reading in one of those cubicle things.

I completed a Hobbit jigsaw puzzle I received for my birthday a couple of years ago for the first time with my sister, it took 3 days. We had a good time. Considering now purchasing some Dungeons & Dragons books as I feel they’d have at least one game with me but I’d have to put them on my credit card unless I wait a week for Universal Credit to come through (around £30 each for the players handbook, dungeon masters handbook and monster guide), I know there are free online alternatives and Pathfinder but I have no laptop/tablet and that isn’t as comfy. I find it depressing that I am making the same considerations now about potential purchases as I was this time exactly 2 years ago.

Keto diet fucked again but this time I’m failing to even get into Ketosis, someone bought a portion of chips and somosas. The least I can do now is calorie control.

Found out I missed out on a special Diabolo Card back for last season on Hearthstone, quite annoyed, this is a loss that cannot be recovered.

My estrogen has been shipped but I’m still unsure I want to continue HRT (over the next few months), it was my facial hair, which developed early, that encouraged me to repress my trans identity in the first place. Learning about laser was a life line but it’s appearing more and more as if it was false hope. It’s a shame too since my breasts are coming along nicely. ugh, I don’t want to be hairy again, at least if I knew if I was sterile by now this decision would be much easier to make.


18 thoughts on “kekekekekekekekek

  1. You don’t want to do laser hair removal because it’s not entirely permanent, what you want is electrolysis. That will permanently get rid of hair but it is kind of slow going.


  2. deleting that twats uni work was the right thing to do for the following reasons:

    1. it was hilarious
    2. he thinks he’s better than you (and this proves he isn’t)
    3. the world has been unfair to you recently, this was your chance to give something back
    4. he was probably a cunt (and would not have hesitated to do the same to you given an opportunity)

    keep up the good work. it’s nice to see the old poleaboo back!


  3. You thought the guy thinks he’s better than you because he drinks Diet Coke? Would love to hear a bit more about the thought processes behind it.


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