Missed a delivery yesterday, picked it up today, it was my Estrogen, arrived even faster than usual. On the way there are back, I spotted several Poles, their numbers appear to have increased since BREXIT, a pack of younger ones were arguing among themselves outside a paki shop, a half empty can of beer was thrown onto the road.

I’m still angry about my hair, at best it looks kinda like a pixie cut but that’s not what I want, I fucking hate how thin it looks at the side. I’ve told my sister that I no longer wish to speak to her, despite being intelligent and understanding early on, she has now come to embody traits of my father and mother that I most hated. Don’t want to speak to mum either, still haven’t forgotten how she cut my fringe. Went to sleep at 9pm yesterday, almost cried several time while thinking about my hair, in the last 7 months or so, I had little to show for what i had accomplished in my life to that point, my hair was one of those things. Now with hair growth, laser, weight loss and to some extent HRT all being busts, I’m now wondering if it’s time to end it all.

I think I might ask to be removed from my GPs list, I only registered to address one very specific problem and I haven’t gotten the help I wanted so there’s no point in me staying on. I also don’t see myself returning there anytime soon for bloodwork or anything else. It would help if I was able to speak to my trans Steam friends.

Fucking pakis sitting next to me in the library again, 3 of them to a cubicle, a kid with them of course and the two women wearing headscarves, the older of whom shouts in her vile native tongue on the phone. Their aim in visiting the library is to print out some Muslim prayer they’re trying to find through google images, it’s hilarious hearing them read it out, they can read this crap but they have no idea what they’re saying.

Getting back on keto today, off to ASDA next to buy peanuts and burgers to have with the cheese.


13 thoughts on “Tomorrow?

  1. poleaboo is going to an hero because his hair dresser trimmed his hair the wrong way

    I liked the Aberdeen poley much better. He was defiant and retaliated against the world that wronged him. The new genderqueer version has no fight left


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