Turning Point 3

I ruined my keto diet badly last night, carb numbers weren’t that high but overall calories were perhaps 1000 away from where I wanted to be.

Today though was not yesterday, today was going to be a much better day because today I had a job interview for a call centre (inbound calls, no selling). I woke up near 10am, giving myself enough time to shower, iron my shirt & pants, clean my shoes and get down to the library to briefly review the route to the place and possible interview questions/answers. I stuck to the schedule well, still seeing exactly the same faces every day the library, the British-pakis there are certainly all unemployed, the whites are substances abusers and wackos. My dad saw me when I got back home from the library, he didn’t try to make conversation, I enjoyed this at first but now it’s becoming uncomfortable, I’m wondering what he’s thinking, if he’s suffering.

Train station at 1pm, got in soon after, found the interview site quickly but that left me with time to spare so I went into the shopping centre, took a look at diaries in WHSmith and anime in HMV, there was also some superhero novelty tat that I might buy when I have a larger income. Closer to the interview time I got a bit lost, asked a security guard for help and I was on my way again, I arrived close to 2:15pm, that’s the time I was given via ext message though I booked a 2:45pm interview slot on their website, better safe than sorry. My interview did turn out to be at 2:45pm but the time didn’t crawl by. Dysphoria flared up throughout the day, so many people out in the streets, it’s unavoidable but then there were the building and company receptionists too, they were stunning.

Interview consisted of 10 questions, 5 about my experience and the other 5 were more general (define “Teamwork”), iirc. I was able to think quite quickly though a lot of what I said was garbage, I repeated certain words and phrases more often than I would have liked and my voice was a bit raspy, I couldn’t speak in my normal voice, perhaps a dry throat from thinking I could be late from earlier. I’d say it went well enough, my answers were written down by the lone woman conducting the interview so I don’t believe a decision would be made by her, then and there. Still hoping it’s one of those situations where everyone is hired.

Job starts on the 30th, training anyway. Told them I had the dentist on the 31st and “a GP appointment” on the 3rd (cover for laser), this might be enough for them to consider me too much hassle, especially since the training is assessed 100% on attendance.

5pm and only eaten a few handfuls of peanuts today.

Plan for tomorrow, is to attend my Universal Credit appointment and get on the sleeper train for my intermediate diet on Friday.

Might buy something to reward myself.

Sixth form pakis using the library as a hangout again, they’re just standing in the middle of the building (near a bookshelf and computers) and they’re just noisily talking and horsing around, 3 males, 3 females, one paki bitch is drinking Coke through a straw.


10 thoughts on “Turning Point 3

    • He wants to eat sweets and sugary things but also wants to lose weight, so he despises everyone he sees who doing it casually and wants to see them suffer.


    • It was regular coke, I was annoyed at how she was concerned about her teeth (because she was drinking from a straw) but not concerned about the sugar content and effects on weight gain

      Though considering it was a paki, she probably didn’t brush her teeth and was only using a straw because her teeth were sensitive

      I just think it’s pretentious, same deal with the diet coke male paki


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