Conclusion postponed

Played a bit of Pokemon during my journey and prior to leaving home I ruined my diet again.

Aberdeen is freezing, even colder than my town has been, I got in about an hour before my appointment with my solicitor, I stuck it out in the waiting room. When it was finally time for the meeting I was shocked to learn a large dog was kept in the office, he parked at me aggressively and repeatedly, I didn’t feel anything as I was safe where I stood. The meeting was mid-length, he read out the statements, I commented, probably sounded like a cocky idiot, the issue however was that the Crown had not yet turned over the alleged emails so we could not prepare a defence. That was all, no charges dismissed or any attempt to do so. No interest in my letter either. Bit of an awkward moment when he mentioned “gender dysphoria” in one of the statements, I just stated mater of factly that it was something I posted and my blog. On the way out he asked what I was up to, just said that I might get a call centre job soon and mummy won’t let me use the internet at home. Maybe I should have said something about counselling. He was a nice man, knew how to use words to comfort me.

Waiting in the Sheriff Court, an older man made conversation with me for around an hour, he was intelligent, knew about art, my town and the corruption of the police and council. He had previously won cases against the police and was again pressing charges against them. I was eventually called, the proceedings lasted less than 5 minutes, both parties agreed to postpone the trial for 2 months (Trial will be in April and I’ll need to travel here again in March) while evidence was gathered (15 devices need to be examined). My solicitor apologised for the wasted trip.

Think I’ve sorted my 3DS. I’m not feeling up to creating any mischief, I just don’t have it in me right now, want to get home and call it a day.

But McDonalds first. It’ll be alright if I don’t eat anything else today.


3 thoughts on “Conclusion postponed

  1. “I thought ‘They don’t just get you down four and a half hours from Rochdale to say “no”, that takes ten seconds. But that’s exactly what they did. Four and a half hours in, “no”, then four and a half hours back.’


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