Pokemon 24/7

I’m enjoying playing Pokemon very much now that my game can connect to the internet, I’ve already made huge progress on completing my pokedex and besides, even if I didn’t, I’d just play download and play Pokemon Sun, catch the exclusives there and transfer them over when Bank is released. Got a Mimikyu with perfect IVs over WonderTrade, I can certainly imagine this becoming and addition, healthier than the alternatives.

Point of worry for me is that before leaving for court, I accidentally left my Biotin, Finasteride and empty box of Progynova on the floor in the middle of my room (moved them out while retrieving documents from the drawer), my brother at least must have seen them but he was already suspicious. It’s only the estrogen that can’t be explained. It could just be delusion but I am happier right now with how my face looks, 2 weeks is when you should start seeing the effects of laser.

The train journeys yesterday were not too bad as I could play Pokemon to pass the time (caught Castform) but I was slightly triggered by a couple of guys who I couldn’t tell if they were trans or just gay, they both had the same bowl haircut with the back short, not sure if this is some gay fashion thing or it’s so hair will grow out neater, they were both youngish and had bad skin, possibly from smoking (it’s a trans thing), the first just held his bad.handbag in a feminine way. The second guy was with two female friends, had a higher pitched but still obviously male voice and spoke of fucking guys. What throws me is that they were both presenting as male, wearing male clothes from some sub-culture I’m unfamiliar with, neither really had female features and based on stuff neither was on HRT. The second guy really triggered me, I wish I had (female) friends, who I could speak with the way he does, even if they are chubby gingers with nose-rings. I was sitting being the second guy and his friends during the train ride in which they spent the entire time speaking loudly, we made eye contact, it was uncomfortable as I was trying to get a good look at him to reach a conclusion.

I just hate seeing and hearing about other trans people because it makes me compare myself to them, it’s the same with other people who I share something flimsy with.

Diet going poorly, 135 is now an end of March goal if I’m being realistic.

No one giving me much attention regarding court.

Read this article about a trans-woman (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-38637837), I don’t think the statement she made about shrinking is true though I’m sure I used to be taller than 5’8.

“As a guy, it was lonely because people were nice but didn’t really engage with me.”, I can agree with that and “You get way more attention as a woman, and you assume that anybody could be a threat.” would explain why the Polish girls and female university staff have behaved the way they have done.


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