Turning Point 4

Got a that callcentre job, it pays above minimum wage, this is the first step to everything getting so much better for me. I felt euphoric reading the acceptance email. I’m going to take the Sertaline and Proprapronol I have stored to lower the chances of fucking this up, hope it’s not expired (obtained in September 2015).

Really feel like gloating and telling those who attempted to oppress me to get fucked.

Sat next to the chaser again, he posted on the facebook page, asking if anyone wanted a date with a single man and listed his town, that’s it.


14 thoughts on “Turning Point 4

    • I’d take him up on the date if nothing else and feel really guilty about it afterwards

      Fuck sake, if I’m being honest, I’d probably let him fuck me too if he wanted, you know for validation. Not sure about sucking, I think uncut cocks are kinda gross.


  1. That guy saw you looking at tranny info and he’s deliberately sitting next to you so he sees that you’re into it. I’d go for it mate. Could get a job and a bf in the same week!


    • Thank you, my main worries are the two appointments I have next week, I did inform them during the interview.

      As for the actual job, as long as there isn’t someone looking directly over my shoulder, I shouldn’t get too anxious.


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