Surprisingly longer entry

I’m still spending most of my day playing Pokemon but it’s infuriating that I can’t use Pokemon Bank until I reclaim my possessions from the police, it’s a NNID issue and I think I left a shiny Mawile in Bank under my NNID before I formatted and I can’t remember my login details. I’ll probably buckle and just get bank now. 300 mons registered, just need to catch Necrozma for that Shiny Charm.

Last night I spent a lot of time fantasising about working at the call centre, I imagined how I’d make friends, that I’d strike up conversation with a Pokemon fan while playing my 3DS during lunch break, he wouldn’t be as knowledgeable about IVs etc as me. I also thought I could befriend the qt receptionist, that train of thought veered off into a generic tranny fantasy.

Siblings are becoming offended that I call them “pig” and “piglet”, to me it’s a term of endearment but they see it as an insult.

Diet yesterday was awful, I started just fine, handful of Brazil nuts in the morning but then when I got back from the library, my mother had purchased a takeaway for me, chicken on chips. If I had stopped there things wouldn’t have terrible but around 6pm when I got home I noticed a box of biscuits on the coffee table, this infuriated me as I had had words with my mother before about why she even buys them and why she keeps them on display because no one wants biscuits as part of their diet, they don’t want that temptation. I think it’s some paki thing, she wants to buy and brag about owning fancy biscuits and she wants to feed people. Pakis don’t understand dieting or healthy eating.

My dad is still avoiding me but when he does encounter me, he walks on eggshells, today he offered me money to buy a burger meal, I told him I don’t want it, repeatedly, another paki that doesn’t understand a diet and thinks that money/food are everything.

Saw my 40 year old virgin NEET uncle who lives with his mother in the library, he was in and out in around 20 minutes, he sat opposite me, I said “hi”, he commented that I looked different with my hair, it irked me, as if he was mocking me, I didn’t reply. We then ignored each other until he was finished, he sat next to me briefly, I was updating my blog at the time but minimized the browser as he approached. He asked what I was doing, “writing”, he then asked what I was up to, told him I would start a call centre job on Monday, he belittled it, said that it couldn’t be much, I informed him that I would be paid above minimum wage, he harped on about how he thought I’d want something more challenging and made the strange statement that I should be aiming for work paying £10+/hour. I just told him I was content because it’s the truth. He regurgitated his speel about me needing to remember I’m “me” and that I should aim higher and that I’ll wake up eventually.

He’s a fucking cunt, he’s a major reason why I have various issues, he was my male role model and I’ve emulated him in so many fucking ways. It might seem like a good thing that he encouraged me to think I was special when I was younger but he went too far and didn’t ground his behaviour in reality, it made me delusional. He said so much idiotic crap and he still acts like a child, impossible to have a real conversation with, probably because if he took a real look in the mirror, he’d kill himself. Seeing him is like seeing a future reflection of myself and that’s why I’m so comfortable with killing myself sooner rather than later.

17 year old woman sitting next to me today was getting help getting her bennies and paying her rent. Yesterday paki was standing over the shoulder of a white woman who was filling out an online form to get the government/council to pay her rent to the paki (a whopping £100 a week), still don’t understand why pakis a buying up property here and renting it out for a pittance, the numbers don’t add up, it’s a terrible investment.

May as well finish this post with something positive. Shit I want to buy when I get a larger disposable income.

A proper PC, retailing at around £1000, I don’t necessarily want to play games, I just want a great version of something I’ll be using for several hours every day

A nice chink mobile phone £100-£200, I’m going to be stuck without mine for around 6 months so I should get a replacement I’m comfortable with

Dungeons and Dragons books, maybe I could get the starter box today?

RENT – I’m hearing around £350 in Manchester, I should get over the probation period at work before moving out.

Maybe put some away for plastic surgery/FFS and electrolysis, electro isn’t too expensive that I really need to save up though, I just need a stable continuous income unless I want to go for that intensive electro package over in Belgium


7 thoughts on “Surprisingly longer entry

  1. brazil nuts are notoriously fatty calorie rich food. good source of protein and selenium but not recommended having more than 6 or 7 every few days if you’re on a diet. try raw unsalted cashew nuts instead.

    BTW you yell at your parents and call them pigs when they offer you biscuits and try to give you free money. And then label your uncle a cunt when he offers you advice. You’re being very difficult and disagreeable


    • I only have a few, like for breakfast today, I literally only had 4 Brazil Nuts, that was it, my entire meal.

      I’m on a Keto diet so as long as I count calories and stay away from carbs, I’m gold.
      Also, salted peanuts seems to have less carbs than unsalted.

      Thanks for the advice though, I do need to rethink my meals now that I will be eating with an audience when working at the call centre.

      Biscuits are bad
      Free money is bad (pakis are materialistic, they think money is the only thing that matters, it can solve any problem, that you should be pleased to receive it)
      My uncles “advice” was bad – I was on a high after obtaining a job and then he put me down


  2. It’s always really interesting to hear how things work in a Pakistani family. To be fair, I’m white and there wasn’t much healthy eating going on in my house when I was younger either.

    When exactly do you start the call center job? I really can’t wait to hear the stories from there. I worked in call centers myself years ago, and while it was terrible you did kind of bond with the people you worked with about how terrible it was.


    • >To be fair, I’m white and there wasn’t much healthy eating going on in my house when I was younger either.
      If you’re a chav then in many respects you’re beneath even a paki
      That isn’t the only or even main issue, my problem is that it’s 2017, my mother is in her late 40s, she should fucking know better by now.

      I start work on Monday, I doubt I’ll bond with co-workers due to being as socially inept as I am and since failing to even befriend that autsitic freak from the mail sorting job, I’m not sure I’ll bother considering the people working here are far more normie
      Of my last 5 jobs (McDonalds, Amusement Park, Royal Mail parcel sorter, warehouse), this callcentre gig is definitely the most “proper” and normie job I’ve had.
      e.g. It’s not something autists and immigrants can get


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