Still Alone

I’ve been using my tablet to post on 4chan occasionally since I collected it from the police last week however my mother and sister got extremely angry at me for “posting on forums”, they thought this would get me arrested again, that I was doing something illegal, I was frustrated by their lack of knowledge and accusations but to get some peace of mind, I gave up my tablet device. My brother called me a “waster” and suggested I leave the family home.

I explained that all I was doing was “talking to people”, I don’t know why that offended them so much, they know I don’t have any friends or a social life. My mother doesn’t have any either, guess she just wants me to be miserable and go insane like her. I need social interaction, I need to be able t express myself and share my thoughts and feelings, the cunts on 4chan and those who read my blog know me better than anyone, they’re the only ones I have ever been able to talk to.

Ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast, the first time in over a month, had a couple of slices of lasagna afterwards and two little chocolates. Just gotta count calories and staying under 2000 isn’t difficult.

I saw my uncle in the library again today, I was about to sit near him when I realised, then I diverted my course.

I think I might buy some a Dungeons & Dragons adventure module and play by myself, it might actually be fun.

Realised I sleep for 15+ hours a day, I should consider swapping my 6mg Progynova split around (4mg before before, 2mg when I wake up).


9 thoughts on “Still Alone

  1. Have you ever fantasized about going to prison where you’d be forced to interact with interesting people everyday and the lust for your boipussy would cause conflicts amongst other inmates?


  2. Yeah, I dont think anyone on 4chan are your friends. Even here it’s 50/50. How many of your arrests/prosecutions are a direct result of your posting career? I’d say all of them from what I know. I’m surprised your family dont burn every electronic device in your house.


  3. Your family weigh on a daily basis whether it would be more shameful to the the family name to have you picking through bins in the street or staying at home and shaming them with your presence to their face. Your brother’s outburst was surely not spontaneous. It’s something they’ve discussed when you’re out trying to feminize yourself. That’s how families talk and brown families which still have a sense of collective shame and pride especially.


  4. Well, I actually think your family have been pretty good to you. As you know from /r9k/ there are plenty of parents who boot NEET children onto the street when they reach 18. Yours give you free shelter, food, money and try to keep you out of trouble.

    In return for this you shout and insult them, ignore them, and disrespect them in various ways. You can’t be surprised that your siblings, at least, are beginning now to push back.

    Having said all that, your brother does sound like a bit of a cunt. Have you thought about taking a long piss into his favorite beverage? It would deliver him his comeuppance and take your readership for a stroll down nostalgia lane. Please consider


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