Alright class, split into groups!

I woke up 15 minutes earlier than yesterday, the train wasn’t as full but I still couldn’t find a seat, not worth it. Ate cereal for breakfast but packed the same low calorie lunch as yesterday. Started taking Propraponol again, took two 40mg doses today. Forgot deodorant and to brush my teeth because my fluoride toothpaste requires me to do it after eating.

When I got into work at 8:50am after taking a detour so I wouldn’t arrive too early, I was greeted by the Pokemon player from yesterday, the only one to arrive earlier than me. We had a conversation about Pokemon that he initiated and I attempted to carry, I killed it when directing the conversation to Nintendo banning me. We’re on different wavelengths anyway, not even completed his Alola Pokedex, probably doesn’t IV breed. Nice of him to talk to me but I just don’t know what else to talk about, how the fuck do normies do it?

At work we continued our training. More PowerPoint and computers but there was a twist, some roleplaying (one person plays the customer, the other plays the sales agent). What happened next was straight outta school, just like this entire setup, we were told to get into groups of two but fortunately our “teacher” was aware there was an odd number of us in the class so I didn’t need to bring attention to my lonesome self. While she went out to find me a partner amongst the staff, I observed the other pairs. People tagged up with those sitting next to them, it was just unfortunate there were three tables of three and I was on one of them. The two EU nationals paired up, the two older individuals paired up, two of the asian girls teamed up, the DnD player paired up with the other guy who seemed to have offbeat interests that chatted him up yesterday. The last group was made up of the other two people sitting at my table, a hyper normie asian girl and a Shane Ward lookalike (compliment) who sat next to me, he speaks even less than me, not sure why, he previously worked in a midrange women’s department store, should be a normie, high functioning one too. Guess I felt angry/upset.

I did the first roleplay with a young woman, she was helpful and easy to talk to. I think I imitated a normie for the half an hour. There was another roleplay session later in the day but this time no one was available to partner with me so the teacher had to do, probably came across as weird due to my inability to maintain eye contact, I hope she realises it’s a general anxiety issue and nothing to do with gender. I didn’t like how she laughed at several things I said (my phonetic alphabet), I wasn’t making jokes. I understand she was trying to be nice though and put me at ease/raise my self esteem.

Played 3DS during both breaks and wondered around the shopping centre during lunch again.

The Hungarian woman sat opposite and near me during lunch/break, I was probably supposed to make conversation, too difficult.

17 win streak in the Battle Tree.

I was hungry after work and got a donner on chips and ate some chocolates.

Just an observation, saw a non-passing trans woman, possibly pre-HRT with her bf on the train. More interesting than the people I usually see.


10 thoughts on “Alright class, split into groups!

      • how can you say you didn’t do anything?? you had a more productive day today than you’ve had for months!

        also, donor kebab, chips and chocolate for dinner? it’s self indulgent gorging like this that sets you off on your shame spiral!


      • c’mon, all I did was turn up to work.

        I didn’t even actually work, I mostly just sat through a PowerPoint. It really is just like being back at uni as all I’m doing is learning, not doing. The only difference is that our tutor is more engaging.


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