Muh hair

Still eating cereal for breakfast, low cal lunch and binging when I get home.

The Pokemon guy at work talked to me again but the conversation died soon enough. He and the other DnD player had enthusiastic exchanges again, I can’t get in on that chatter, my power level is far too low. I also can’t use my computer to browse the internet because the guy behind me might see. Spanish guy has left and gone back to Spain. Teacher called me “silent”. The guy sitting next to me irks me, he barely speaks but doesn’t get any flack for it, he does often speak up though to get help from the girl sitting next to him but he never speaks to me.

I finally get to use the phones tomorrow. Not overly nervous.

Talked a bit about feelings with my mum but I think I upset her.

I need to buy surgical tape for my breast area.

Laser tomorrow but I’m too depressed about my hair to be depressed about anything else. There are literally a dozen guys at my workplace with longer hair than me.


4 thoughts on “Muh hair

  1. Being called “silent” by your trainer in a telemarketing company is an ominous sign. You need to start speaking up and engaging others quickly or you may be let go. It doesn’t matter what you say or talk about really, just make your voice heard!


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