Good Day? Yes!

Today generally went quite well. I got into work on time, first to arrive, 20 minutes early, did a little revision because today I’d finally get to use the phones. The DnD/Pokemon guy was second to arrive and we spoke for a short while about Pokemon again, I tried talking about Godzilla based on something he said yesterday, we had an exchange but I think there was a misunderstanding.

I didn’t have any difficulty speaking on the phones despite forgetting to take my Propranolol. I enjoyed it even, I suppose it’s because I get to have a structured conversation with someone and feel useful. On the phone my tone of voice goes up, shows I’m capable of getting my voice where I need it to be. The calls were sales, I fucked up a few and a few were difficult due to Irish accents and people seemingly calling from outdoors. I spoke to the Hungarian for a bit, she took my advice and we had a good, normal exchange about the upcoming task and prep. I asked the other DnD guy for some help but I was also able to offer him some back, huge relief as I don’t want to come across as a user. At lunch the guy who irks me, smiled and greeted me, I no longer feel animosity towards him.

We were supposed to stay on the phones for the entire morning (minus break) but I ducked out after 2 hours for my laser session, my trainer asked me for details, I called it a doctors appointment. I arrived at the laser clinic early, my technician saw me anyway as her other client was late. Today I was more positive and talkative due to the exercise of speaking on the phones, my technician also seemed to be warmer today, I told her straight away that I still wasn’t seeing a reduction on parts of my jaw and she responded perfectly, she turned up the settings. During the treatment too, today she was perhaps a little more attentive than usual. It was only 11.35 when I left, I had to kill some time so I wouldn’t return to work too early, also needed the slight redness/swelling on my face to settle, so I took cover in a bookstore. Finished reading Civil War II, it sucks.

After getting back from my laser session, I ran into my trainer and she noted how I got back exactly when I estimated I would, all I could do was show surprise and note the doctor called me in early, she replied “that never happens”, I then worked the phones for another 30 minutes, ate, wondered town for a while as usual, spotted some fun wallets (a yellow Pikachu one, Joker) but thought I may be too old to purchase it. When I returned, the DnD Pokemon guy, guy who used to irk me and other non-DnD male were talking football, my power level is too low to get involved and I already sorta established myself as a non-football fan as it is difficult to justify my club support. It was a good conversation, fun to listen to, better than MotD punditry.

Contract came through, turns out I get paid £7.78/hour after the probation period, I reckon that’s more than the Polish girls. What also came through is the email to submit my details for the background check, it just seems to be interested in work history.

Dungeons and Dragons stuff arrived in the post, getting my family to create characters.


14 thoughts on “Good Day? Yes!

  1. Isn’t one of the polish girls an estate agent? They make about 18k plus commission, that’s more than you are making. Much more, if she’s any good at it.


  2. Forced and structured interaction with new people is just what you need. You’ll learn to respond to verbal cues and follow ebbs and flows of conversation. It’ll also condition you to participate in social environments (like when you chatted with the laser lady) and improve your sense of self worth. Try not to be discouraged by the first little setback. GLuck


    • No eye contact/physical presence, the call is structured so I have an idea of what will be said and happen. It’s nothing like a real conversation, no one can see my weakness.

      Control, power and knowledge is what it’s about.


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