An earned rest day.

Woke up after 12pm, I needed a lengthy rest after working such a regular schedule.

I spent most of today learning DnD and making character sheets for my family. They had fun picking details from the book so today was a rare day when we all got on. The only other events of note are that I went to the library to print off some blank character sheets, saw my uncle again and I think he saw me too, he turned back to avoid me, later I journeyed to ASDA where I bought some peanut butter to start my new diet. Good calorie control today.

Watched some of The Voice, Let it Shine and football highlights. Just background noise really.

I feel like buying frivolous crap, still got my mind on a Pokemon wallet but now I’m also thinking I should buy something for my brother, I feel like he’ll appreciate the thought.

I’m struggling to forget about an old lady who I dishonesty sold to yesterday.


6 thoughts on “An earned rest day.

  1. You did what you had to do mate. That’s how the majority of these roles are. Nobody particularly cares for it, but at the end of the day you have to do it because that’s the sort of thing these companies wants. Don’t fret over it, and remember that this role isn’t going to last forever. It’s just a stepping stone to better things.


  2. majority of private sector jobs involve stepping on people to get ahead. this is why it’s called the rat race. more integrity in being a neck bearded neet, but unfortunately you can’t pay the bills with good intentions. welcome to the meat grinder bitch


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