Happy Anniversary

Today is the two year anniversary of starting this blog, I feel I’m happier now than I was back then. This milestone doesn’t encourage me to reflect much, it just is what it is.

Last night I massively fucked up my diet, I went until 6pm with only peanuts and peanut butter but my mum bought me a McDonald’s fillet o fish meal and afterwards I was craving an Arizona’s burger meal but only ate the fries. Later I stayed up to watch the Superbowl, I wanted the Falcons to win as I saw them as the underdogs, I didn’t pay much attention to the game though as I was looking for something to treat myself with on AliExpress, I ended up buying a Hearthstone wallet despite the compartments being too small for cards to be stored horizontally and a unisex hoodie. I want to find some womens long sleeve t-shirts.

I went to sleep at around 4am and woke up at 9.30am. Ate cereal and last nights burger. I’m on 12-8 shifts this week and I’m taking the phone too. Train isn’t packed around this time so that’s better, I also bought a weekly season ticket so that’s even more stress reduced.

At work I jumped straight on the phones, the work isn’t challenging, we’re expected to often ask for help. The only notable call was a Scottish woman to whom I couldn’t sell to due to the rules I had to abide by. The call lasted half an hour and by the end of it she was crying, I had to speak to my supervisor repeatedly.

The people sitting near me, spoke to me, they were people I hadn’t spoken to before, an Asian girl and an older woman, late 20s, I think. The interesting thing is finding similarities in how they speak to me and how they speak to customers. It’s not like I’m in the right emotional place to get upset or deluded over it so it doesn’t matter.

One thing I did get mad about was when I needed help with a call but the fat neckbearded supervisor was too busy with the other Asian girl, the hyper normie. They were together for over 10 minutes, my lunch break came up so I hastily and incorrectly ended the call.

Lots of rain today.

Started playing DnD with the family, need to work on my storytelling.

Visited my aunt yesterday, apparently my cousin has been in a “relationship” with a guy for over a year, he’s a complete leach, she’s given him thousands and she drives him to work every morning. It’s fucked up, probably has daddy issues and didn’t get any love from her mother (same as me) and now she’s completely head over heels for the first guy to show her affection. The strange thing is that her brother is in a similar relationship, some morbidly obese white girl he has paid for to go to university and all her living expenses. Both have isolated them from their friends etc too. I wonder if I’m better or worse off than them.


21 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Don’t compare yourself to the Polish girl or to anyone, there is no good in doing it. You’re on the right track poley, keep it going 🙂


  2. Only a third worlder could derive the amount of smugness from a shit call centre job that you have, poleay. That said, estate agents are unqualified retards who have no job to do because houses sell themselves hence it attracts vapid roasties who don’t know their arse from a hole in the ground.


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