Maybe not so great afterall

Today was more or less the same as yesterday, I woke up at 9.30am, ate cereal, two small bowls and after my shower I went to work. Today I washed my hair and don’t have any clean socks, think the washing machine is broken.

On the train I was spotted by an old school friend, a sex offender who has spent time in prison, I blame him for much of my self-esteem issues, he did bully me in a way despite being weaker than me. I didn’t sit next to him and fortunately after shouting my name he ignored me. He continued to sit and talk to his friend.

No one talked to me at work today, I was sitting at the edge of my row of computers. It didn’t feel bad but it felt numbing. I helped out the girl sitting next to me (scarf wearer) more than once but she didn’t thank me, that upset me.

I got to shadow a customer service agent for an hour, due to breaks, most people did so for multiple hours. The guy I was shadowing was a cool gay guy, the banter with his coworkers was quite generic (“I’m the queen of customer service”), I’ll give him a pass though as he was set up, I didn’t have much to say, he didn’t get many interesting or relevant calls, he was nice though, he was a toucher. Had a short exchange where I imitated a normie, the guy I was shadowing was emailing his sister about getting Lady Gaga tickets, I asked if he saw her at the Superbowl, he did and I further commented that I was glad she only sung the good songs, he replied and then we were interrupted by a call.

That was literally the only thing of note today, I fucked up some calls and I possibly looked incompetent to my supervisor. I’m struggling to get my call time down even under perfect circumstances.

I’ve eaten poorly for 3 days in a row now despite my calorie restricted work lunches.

Get back from work at 9pm, go to sleep at 11pm, would be earlier if not posting.

Might buy a knitwear jumper from Primark tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Maybe not so great afterall

  1. Have you adopted a gay/effeminate lisp yet? This would be a logical next step in your transition. By signaling to the world that you are genderqueer you’d improve your chances of attracting a homosexual companion and being accepted into the Rochdale LGBTQI community.


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