Not clocked

I was better rested today than yesterday though even with 10 and a half hours I wanted to stay in bed longer. My dad asked if I wanted a lift to work, I ignored him, didn’t even look at him. Had rice for breakfast and took a slightly later train so I wouldn’t arrive too early. I’m having much less problems with calls though I did receive a challenging one where I needed to ask for help twice. It took me a few attempts to find a suitable computer to sit at, I eventually had to settle for one next to a woman in her 20s (part of my training class) that I hadn’t spoken to yet. She’s a normie, ofcourse, engaged me in conversation a few times, talking was as difficult as ever, not getting the words out but knowing what to say. She’s nice, just like everyone here but I know it’s just the normie way, it messes with my head when they are anything but helpful and friendly, such as when I’m ignored during break. I would rather I was just treated coldly all the time, it would be easier for me to function.

I got to shadow another customer service agent, also gay and colourful. It only lasted half an hour before it was time for my first quality assessment but before that I had a chat with my supervisor, he wanted to know how I was getting on but it was quite informal, he smiled and laughed a lot, I tried to mimic, difficult conversation again. Then came the QA, the team manager had a positive attitude, company culture is to not put us down, the bulk of the criticisms were valid and not overly difficult to correct.

After 5pm the phones died down so me and my team were made to shadow customer service agents for the last 3 hours of the shift. This time it was a normal northern lad, friendly and helpful just like everyone else here but not overly cool or quirky. I tried to ask questions but it’s something that I’d like to just get started doing myself, I learn by doing. Sitting opposite us were the woman I mentioned earlier and another woman who caught my eye yesterday because I suspected she was trans, it’s her body and how she walks/carries herself, there are also some other features, spent a lot of time stealing glances and ease dropping on conversations trying to figure it out. She does have some definitive female features such as her brow/hairline, could be FFS though. She has a husky voice but some posh girls have voices like that. As for the conversations I heard, she describes herself as crazy and slashes car tyres, also turns out that like half of customer service is gay or bi, not sure if a trans person would be more or less likely to list off LGB people in the workplace.

On my way out, I think the bi manager was flirting with the guy in my training class who sat next to me but didn’t talk.

No food when I came home so ate biscuits and chocolate that was on the coffee table.

The Pokemon/DnD guy completed his Pokedex.

Trainers from Primark only cost £3, I could do with owning more than one pair of shoes. Didn’t buy anything today.


4 thoughts on “Not clocked

  1. Do you feel (a) threatened (b) more comfortable, or (c) indifferent when among other BGLTQI people?

    Also, do you have a BGLTQI role model? (eg Caitlin Jenner, Eddie Mercury, the transgender inmate who was recently murdered in prison etc?)


    • Threatened, I suppose. Just like when I’m around normies, I feel angry at how they are superior to me in some respect.

      I’m not the type of person to have role models, at least not living ones. I guess I maybe feel that I’m not in competition with dead people, they have their turn, now it’s mine.


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