umm, my uh, there and uh, where, umm

As far as the actual work of work is concerned, today was a good day, I’m fairly confident, knowledgeable and quick on calls now. I sat in the same seat as yesterday and so did the woman from yesterday, she’s a normie so constantly trying to make conversation, still difficult to know what to say and she keeps laighing when I’m not making jokes.

The possible trans-woman saw me trying to clock her, now she definitely thinks I’m a creep. Pretty sure she’s cis-gender, she was sitting straddling a bench at lunch, a trans-woman would certainly try to behave in a more feminine way.

The thing that’s going to stay with me for a while from today though is how I embarrassed myself at the end of it. I was shadowing calls again, only 10 minutes before my supervisor told me to stop. When I got up I couldn’t find her, I was frantically looking around that a young lad got up asked if I needed help, I couldn’t form a coherent sentence, just waffled and mumbled, said my supervisors name a lot. I even tried to cool down and said “that didn’t make much sense” but my second go around failed too. He tried to give me some advice though.

From Primark I bought a male pink hoodie, turquoise knitwear jumper, socks and a belt, came to £18. still could do with some new trainers/shoes (my current pair are 2+ years old) not sure what style I want, maybe another hoodie too and maybe I need better fitting jeans.

Ate poorly when I got home but at least it wasn’t carbs.


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