2 successful weeks in employment 

Couple of things from yesterday that I forgot, I think if I’d gone on my break sooner or ended it earlier then I would have gotten to shadow the probably-not-trans-girl. Kicking myself a little but I don’t know for sure and it would have probably been awkward. Leaving work yesterday, an Eastern European woman asked me for directions, I was able to deliver, not many locations I know in this place but I knew that one, feels good to help someone out and I’m usually useless with directions. Lastly some homeless guy boarded my train before it left the station and came out with some ridiculous story about being mugged and his family needing exactly £32.80 in taxi fare, he was a brilliant actor but the story was poor, I didn’t buy it but a few people did, think they were mostly/all pakis.

Found the probably-not-trans-girls name and through that, Facebook, the course she studied at university is hilarious (and so is the university she attended). I realise that this is me getting randomly obsessed again but I think I’ll be able to kick this one swiftly. I also see how previously an interest in Poles led to an interest in a random Polish person and now it’s the same with trans.

Work went better than yesterday, no shadowing, just calls, no one talking to me other than the woman next to me, she’s nice, I understand, but conversing with me causes me suffering. Forgot my water bottle and my tummy rumbled loudly, bit embarrassed and then a bit more embarrassed at the end of the day when I tripped over my headset cable.

Combed my hair instead of just brushing, the side hair covers some of my ears so that’s something.

I think I did well on calories today even though Coco Shreddies were the only available cereal.

Bought a pencil sharpener.

I’m going to use the hyper pigmentation cream more regularly now.


7 thoughts on “2 successful weeks in employment 

  1. if you want to sounds more interesting and have stuff to talk about, tell people you are involved in a writing project. you don’t need to go into detail, just outline a basic story premise – eg ‘oh yes, I’m currently working on a novel actually it’s a story about a Sudanese asylum in a Calais refugee camp who falls in love with a local French girl. I won’t go into too much detail because the story is still very much a work in progress. Suffice to say it’s a coming of age film/triumph against adversity piece. A romantic drama with heart.”

    Say something like this and you can sperg as much as you want and your peers will write it off as the idiosyncracies or a tormented literary genius


    • The problem I have though is an inability to navigate or control the discussion
      I can’t bring up anything personal about myself because I don’t know how to respond properly to what other people are saying and how to move the conversation where I want it or to even just give the appropriate/normal response.
      Then there’s my inability to start a conversation.


  2. >the course she studied at university is hilarious (and so is the university she attended).

    It can’t be as hilarious as someone getting kicked out before they graduate.

    I was starting to like you, but your smug superiority is infuriating. When are you going to learn that the way you’ve behaved in your life doesn’t warrant you feeling superior to anyone?


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