On tenterhooks

I successfully stuck to my diet today, it was tough, really craved a burger meal towards the end of the day. I had around 1000 calories mostly made up of peanuts/peanut butter.

Since I’m working now, I’m not expected to do anything productive with my free time, however I did need to go to the local library to complete online forms for my employment history checks. I was honest. I hope now that I have my feet under the table that my employers won’t care about that my work history over the last 2 years is less than 3 months worth.

Turns out my town doesn’t have a SportsDirect anymore, I’ll have to buy new shoes elsewhere.

Played DnD with the family again, turns out I’m terrible at being a dungeon master, I can’t weave a story or roleplay characters. Gonna give it up, relieved I didn’t buy additional books.

My sister returned my Hearthstone tablet after I threw a tantrum, bit late now though since I’ve missed out on two cardbacks. I feel guilty about getting it back since my sister thinks it’ll lead to me being arrested again.


8 thoughts on “On tenterhooks

  1. Big risk giving them your real work history Poley. Not sure why you did that. Your work may be concerned and angry that you blatantly lied about your prior employment history. Next time give them your brother’s number and ask that he pretend to be a previous employer.


    • The system gave me little choice, I would list the companies name and address, phone numbers were optional so I think they’d double check (the background checks are being conducted by a third party, this is all they do)

      So I guess I just thought I couldn’t get away with lying


  2. Also, stop buying stupid childish things (like Pokeman wallets, RPG books) and skimping on important things (like good shoes, decent haircuts etc). Invest in yourself. Everyone feels better about things when they’re wearing a new set of threads.


    • Haircuts are out, I’m never having another for the rest of the year at least.

      I do want new shoes but I’m not sure about the style, I’m quite attracted to bright colours but that might attract too much attention. I also don’t want boring paki or Primark shoes.


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