is this it?

Woke up today with a cold, I’m not sure if it was a natural cold or keto flu. Either way, I agitated my symptoms by walking out into the snow to purchase a new season ticket for travel to work and also a burger meal, I figured if that was all I ate then I’d be OK but unfortunately my mum shoved some toast into my face and later I had pancakes. I still think the calorie count wasn’t a disaster though.

I watched some rugby, Dragons Den, the Avatar film (not that bad) and the BAFTAs.

Considering again stopping HRT due to lasers sluggishness. I am seeing improvement, just not as much as I’d like.

My brother is moving, sharing an expensive flat with his best friend. I have no idea what he’s thinking, not even someone in employment would spend that amount.

My sisters are plotting a holiday to Rome.

Dad brought around some Pakis to fuck up the house by building a proposed extension.

Not that fussed about starting a new phase of training at work tomorrow.  Stopped taking the Propraponol so this could get messy.


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