Forgot title

I thought my cold had cleared up but it resurged this morning and as such my day was uncomfortable. Training went well, nothing I didn’t understand. I barely spoke the entire day, the first time was when I was asked something open ended by the other DnD guy, I replied with how I did overtime yesterday, a third individual chipped in, I didn’t say anything of substance during the short conversation, I need to stop stating facts and start inserting opinions.

Since it was Valentines Day, work was giving out cupcakes, I didn’t want one but I knew I was going to have one anyway. As they were being handed out my trainer asked me if I wanted one, seemed unnecessary, maybe I was staring too hard at hers. Gluten free was on offer but I didn’t have the nerve.

Played 3DS during break as usual, ate my usual 200 calorie banana and yoghurt during lunch too. Using the rest of my lunch break I shopped around for burgundy trainers, seems burgundy clothing in general is quite popular now, didn’t find anything better than what I saw previously but I was put right off them after seeing a paki wearing a pair I liked.

The final social interaction of the day was at the end when we were shadowing again, I got the gay (not relevant) guy again, he’s colourful and just as nice as everyone else. I didn’t have much to ask him since I learned a lot today in training. He made some jokes but I can’t fake laugh, only smile and I don’t know how to respond when people want you to know their feel (e.g. “That customer was such a pain!”), I just look away and maybe try to smile. Bit confused as to why our trainer assigned some of us specific people to shadow, I was second in the queue/line but when she spotted available people to shadow she plucked specific people from my training group who were behind me to partner with them.

When I got home I ate a jacket potato and a bit of gluten free chocolate my mum bought once I got home. I watched the PSG/Barca game since it was on free TV.

Played some more Hearthstone. Running Zoolock.

Down about facial hair again.


11 thoughts on “Forgot title

  1. large part of my workplace, any workplace for that matter, are social inverts / socially awkward autists / anti-social surly fucks who don’t communicate with their colleagues because they can’t or don’t want to. Big deal. People accept this behavior. just don’t be the creepy guy poley. Y’know, the guy whose eyes dart around a lot and who sniggers at strange things. Noone likes that guy. just act generally disinterested and apathetic around people (unless you find them genuinely interesting) and everything will be golden!


  2. the point I’m trying to make is that there can be dignity in being an anti-social introvert – but only if you whole-heartedly embrace it. when you try to fight it (fake smiles, forced laughter, unnatural conversation etc) people can see it a mile off and you appear phoney and / or creepy. Accept yourself (self-absorbed, dismissive of mainstream values, etc) and others will accept you too (not that you’ll care…)


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