Binder and blood test but no trainers 

My cold still hasn’t dissipated, the work day was fine, more training, classroom stuff, I only had to speak up when one of my logins wasn’t working. The only moment of the day that made me physically sweat was when I was supposed to disconnect a cable during shadowing, I fumbled around and disconnected the man sitting next to me from his call, he seemed a little mad and I seemed dense. We might be starting the phones for customer service on Friday.

Couldn’t spot the transgender at work, maybe she’s still studying her joke course.

Had a few words with my mum, turns out the cool coat I’ve started wearing was a gift from my father, my mum insulted it, said it was a shoddily made fake from Pakistan, I told her it was better than the crap she buys me. I also told her why I hate it when she watches paki TV shows, hearing the language stirs up negative emotions because I associate it with my father, mosque and high school urdu class.

I’ve lost weight but today although my calorie count is just about fine, my macros are a mess.

Rank 12 on Hearthstone.

Bought a breast binder on ebay and estrogen/testosterone online blood test.

Still not bought new trainers, guess I’m a bit on the fence about what I want.


14 thoughts on “Binder and blood test but no trainers 

  1. >Joke course

    Anyone who has completed any course at any university is more successful than you.

    You got thrown out of university for being a sex offender. You’re the biggest joke of all. Take a look in the mirror before you judge other people who are doing better than you are.


  2. what’s your beef Munich??? the fact is she’s doing a joke course. this is true regardless of whether poley did or didn’t complete his own degree (which was a non-joke degree btw) stop being so salty, it makes you look like a cunt


    • I want Poley to develop self esteem.

      He’s never going to develop self esteem looking down on people’s achievements that are actually better than his. He’s just going to feel worse. Why compare himself to someone else’s degree (btw, Poley want to a joke ex-polytechnic “uni”) when his own university career was a complete failure that ended in the worst possible way?

      If he wants to feel good about himself then he should play to his strengths, not to his biggest weakness.


      • Stubbornness and tenacity when he applies himself.

        Intelligence when it’s not being wasted on pointless activities.

        A rare insight into people when it’s not being used in service of a painfully obvious defense mechanism of cutting other people down before he knows anything about them because he lives in fear of the judgments of strangers.

        Lots of things he’s good at.


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