On the phones tomorrow

There wasnt much training left to do at work so we spent half the day browsing the internet. My cold has gone but I had a sore throat, made my voice deeper, not a huge issue apart from the handful of times I needed to speak. During break I tried calling my dentist but wasn’t able to get the day I had available. During the same break I also received a call, it was Medichecks, they were confirming my gender at birth, it was humiliating having to speak with a deeper voice. The other notable conversation of the day was when I playing 3DS and my trainer said “Gaming using your break?” and I just replied “yup”, no idea what else to say.

I still haven’t bought trainers, I see too many people wearing shoes I like, I want to dress to express my uniqueness. It’s not just people, it’s people I don’t like, don’t want to imitate them. I can’t think of much I want so I’m thinking of buying some gifts for my family (books/comics/manga).

During lunch one of my work colleagues sat next to me, I spilled some water from my bottle as I spotted him. He asked “mind if I sit here?”, I said I was just going and tried to make some smalltalk about his food. I wiped the spilled water with a dirty tissue and left.

Ate cereal, a banana, yoghurt and a backed potato today.


12 thoughts on “On the phones tomorrow

  1. you’re buying shit for your family that you actually want for yourself – a manga book for your mother? seriously dude?? you might as well buy her an onahole!


  2. why don’t you save up your money, take a trip to Bangkok (super cheap) and fucksome whores/lady boys. Invest in yourself (memories, experiences) son, you won’t regret it


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