Gifts for everyone!

Today we spent the entire day listening in on calls/shadowing, another day of easy income. I was told I could take a call myself if I felt up to it but I’m not going to put myself out there if I have the opotion also I was aware no one else was taking calls from my training group.

Once again I was allocated a partner last, most of the time too my partners haven’t been 100% suitable, I’ve been treated as an afterthought, I want to know what logic if any has been applied when partnering people up. Today I was initially paired up with the only Muslim on customer support, later it was the guy from yesterday. His table seems like a fun, playful group, I think half of them have tattoos are gay but that’s not really relevant, what is are their interests, WWE, Hopsin and football, I kinda like all these things but wasn’t part of the conversation, I was asked if I liked football, I said I wasn’t into it much, just following results and stuff. Everyone seems to be a Manchester United fan and many attend games. Makes me feel like going go a game too. A City game.

A guy from my training group touched my shoulder on his way out of the room, I looked to him and smiled, he smiled back even though we only spoke the once at lunch yesterday. Everything nice is outweighed by anxiety. The black guy from Wednesday also gave me some acknowledgment, great, it’s much more than I’ve come to expect.

I can’t tell ages, I see everyone as being in their 20’s, turns out the woman who sat next to me last week is in her 30’s and the other DnD guy is in his 40’s.

During my second break, the guy I was shadowing tried making conversation, asked if I’d lived in my hometown all my life, I said yes and left to browse the computer in the empty training room, the time was also used to rebook a dentists appointment. I must have come across as rude but he started off with a tough question, felt put down.

Haven’t bought trainers, don’t think I will because it doesnt seem possible to find any that are both stylish and comfortable.

My Hearthstone wallet arrived, quite fast considering, the cards fit in the pockets but it’s as tight ss possible and it won’t then completely close. Mum found my laser hair removal receipt in my old wallet but I snatched it off her before she could read it.

It’ll be a while before my gifts arrive. Bought a nightlight and Fantastic Beasts (hardback) for my youngest sister, she’s always cruel to me and today I was cruel to her. Everything will be getter when she gets her gifts even though I spoiled them during our fight. Got “Tales of Needle the Bard” (hardback) and Alice by Christina Henry for my other little sister. She’s also mean. For my brother, a large Charmander plush and I suppose “Quidditch through the Ages” (hardback) to complete the set, getting the Charmander due to an upsetting childhood event he experienced.

For the oldest of my younger sisters, I got nothing, for a joke though I gave her £2, the cost of my haircut, felt bad after realising she felt bad. Going to give her the hoodie I ordered off AliExpress weeks ago. Maybe a book too. Manga? I’ll take a look around Waterstones or just buy one of those Harry Potter novelties (Time Turner, Voldermorts wand etc.), could also be an idea to go to a football game with her. Same deal with mum, just giving her one of my tablets after I’ve cleaned it.

Best thing about today is that I got some Universal Credit, little over £80, would have been full £300+ if not for the sanction. I don’t get paid until the end of the month.


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