Mastercard or Amex?

Today I woke up at 9.30am, I left the house only to renew my travel season card, the cost is feeling quite significant now, it’s over 10% of my wage, I need to take a more serious consideration of how much of my income is actually disposable. It’ll be easier to ascertain once I’ve actually been paid (at the end of the month I’ll be paid for my first 2 weeks).

I applied for an Amazon credit card, I get a free £10 gift voucher with it and when I spend around £1500, I’ll get another. Applying for credit cards just seems like something normal people with jobs do, I already have a credit card but this one is better since it has a rewards program. Might also apply for an American Express in a months time, applying for too much credit at once damages your credit score, as does owning 4+ credit cards. According to ClearScore, my credit score is 498/700, Expedian somehow rates it 978/999.

I watched a little bit of football and mainly just browsed my tablet for TV/Broadband deals for when the current contract expires. Getting subscription based TV deals seems like something else people with jobs do. Got my eye on a £37.50/month HD sports package (£70 setup fee) + 52MB broadband. Watching American sports could be comfy.

I couldn’t get tickets for City/Monaco so I’ll try for City/Huddersfield instead. Tickets go on sale Wednesday to the general public. Bit nervous about going to a game and it’ll likely

not be overly pleasant since it’ll be on at 8pm in the freezing cold.

First lot of gifts arrived, nightlight for my sister though she was still mean to me. My brothers “Quidditch through the Ages” also arrived, he didn’t want it, essentially gave it away to another sister. I’m sure he’ll appreciate the Charmander plush more


21 thoughts on “Mastercard or Amex?

    • In all seriousness though: You were always good with money, keeping your savings etc. Don’t fuck that up just because you’re working. You don’t need a credit card, except maybe a small one for emergencies. And since you live at home, there aren’t really many emergencies that could come up.


      • I need credit cards to improve my credit score.
        As for my savings, I was only good at remaining stable, there were a few unforeseen expenses and large purchases that threw me out of balance (laser, laptop, council tax)
        I didn’t hoard any bennies, I spent the lot


  1. those were some pretty lame presents you brought your family. next time just buy them gift cards or electronics. having said that, your brother sounds like a rude barstard to brush off your generosity like that. he should have at least forced a weak smile and flicked through the pages for a few seconds while feigning interest


  2. Poley, I’m sure you’re aware there’s a person on /lgbt/ who claims to get IP blocks intended for you all the time and says they must live very close. Do you know who this could be? It could be your first mukhannathun friend and you could bleach each other’s boipussies or whatever it is hijiras do with other hijira friends.


    • Are you of Pakistani ethnicity like Poley or are you some form of Arab? You sounds devout. From your perspective, is there any hope for a non-binary gender fluid Pansexual like Poleaboo? Has Allah closed his heart to him forever on the basis of his flagrant degeneracy or is there possibility of redemption?


      • Not Paki but I firmly believe he would be happier among his own kind. They even have a legally protected “third gender” there and “sullen hostility” is about the best he can hope for. I don’t even think they’ll castrate him as a eunuch. Joy.

        There is redemption for everyone, even Poleaboo. Unfortunately his autism is more blinding than the white light that blinded the (false) prophet Paul.


      • Lol, in what sense are Pakistani people Poley’s “own kind”?? … His apathy, cynicism and social alienation are all broadly symptomatic of today’s degenerate 1st world youth. He’s just another orphaned child of the decadent and decaying west.


      • Pakis belong with Pakis. Poley is literally going insane from trying to assimilate to a culture he will never truly belong to. At the first opportunity it will reject him like planting a pig heart in a human body. He needs to go among his own (though Bongistan is well on its way).


    • Nothing like that is considered during a credit card application. The only relevant question is your income but even unemployed people can get cards, each credit card company has various different cards, some cards and companies are even geared towards those with poor credit.

      Try an Aqua Rewards card, you get 0.5% cash back, I was going to get one but I felt the Amazon credit cards rewards program was superior.


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