I woke up at 7am with a fair amount of energy again, the only difference today was that I chose to wear my binder since I was wearing an x-men t-shirt and plaid shirt. No one at work talks socially anymore, the calls are constant, no breaks between calls at all. During the period when I would have taken my first break, I received a long call from an angry man who wouldn’t hangup, I had to speak to my supervisor and manager 3 times, I must have looked incompetent. The angry man did upset me and my voice shook.

Missed my scheduled  break, I’m sure I was still entitled to it but I thought it would be strange. When I took a bathroom break, my coworker acknowledged me, I mistook this as an engagement into conversation and while both at the urinals spoke about my angry customer. As for lunch, I still didn’t have anything to pack but today I didn’t have the strength to go without so I braved a trip to Subway, I’ve never ordered alone from here before, when I was called to the counter I said I wanted tuna, I was asked what bread, I didn’t know the breads and was pointed to a sticker in front of me, I chose Italian. The sandwich artist heavily suggested I have cheese and toast my bread, he also made the observation that I looked stressed but jolly in a way, I tried to respond but couldn’t form a coherent sentence, I just slurred some words and flailed my arms, the sandwich artist limited my suffering by cutting me off and pushing me along to the next man. I chose to add onions, peppers and olives (thought they were jalapeños), the only sauce I new was mayo. The sandwich came to £3.60 and was small, I was just glad the event was over, it was a highly pressured environment that I found uncomfortable.

The sandwich was mediocre, the olives disgusting. I went back to work. Missed my next break too, forgot to park the phone. Made a fuck up at the end of the day, fixed it myself but wasn’t sure, asked another supervisor, looked incompetent again.

Played some Hearthstone and Pokemon.

The Charmander and hoodie I ordered arrived, my brother seemed to like this gift, he smiled and said “Thanks”.

Still waiting for my credit cards to arrive. Str


4 thoughts on “STRESSEDxJOLLY

  1. Are you one of those guys who talk to other men while they have their cock out at the urinal?! I hate people like you. Golden rule in a workplace restroom: If you encounter someone you know make very cursory eye contact, grunt or mumble a bland acknowledgement of their presence, and leave it at that. Under no circumstances initiate a conversation with another gentlemen when he has his junk in his hand.


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