Hydroquinone next?

I’ve decided to pack a lunch again, it’s less than 200 calories, the benefits outweigh the negatives. I forgot my spoon though so today I ate lunch in a bathroom cubicle, didn’t want anyone seeing me drinking the yoghurt from the cup. Fortunately I didn’t hear any activity in the neighbouring stall.

The start of the day was a little rough, my coworkers from my training group were conversing, I got in a few words but they were happy enough speaking between themselves, that suits me just fine, just wish I had been excluded from the entire conversation though. I’m having difficulty speaking, it seems, I’m being asked to repeat myself when speaking, hard to form sentences, explain myself, speak slowly or without breaks. Female coworker remarked on how I had a sticky note for the dentist on my computer screen.

The second half of the day was spent back in training, learned to use a new program. That guy who used to sit next to me but not speak has quit, he’s going back to selling clothes to women in a fancy department store. I’ve learned one of my coworkers (the pokemon/dnd) guy owns a Manchester United season ticket, he must be older than I thought too. The other male non-dnd coworker owns a Manchester City season ticket, £400, brilliant value for money even though his seats are terrible, about £20 per game. I would really like to watch a game, I’d settle for my hometown if they attracted more fans (only hit 25% capacity) and I wouldn’t stick out. Might apply for a season ticket if I enjoy it. It’d be something else to commit my income to too.

Still waiting for my credit cards to arrive.

My hypopigmentation appears to have run out.

Due to mums cooking I keep eating poorly when I get back home.

Heading back from work  saw a teen male wearing heavy makeup walking down with his fat friend/sister. Guess he a gender dysphoria and she’s supporting him. I didn’t like see it.


6 thoughts on “Hydroquinone next?

  1. Did you make any noises when you were eating your yoghurt? I hope it didn’t sound like you were enthusiastically rimming someone in there.


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