Nice try, detective

Someone tried logging into my Facebook account, it’s not the attempt that I find laughable but that someone thinks that would actually be a worthwhile pursuit.

Last night I realised I’ve been fucking up massively at work all week, I’ve been processing refunds without taking a fee.

I didn’t do much with my day off, just went to the library to print off a document the background check agency requested. Used my AMEX for my travel season ticket, my Amazon credit card also arrived. Ate like a pig, skipping meals just makes me crave something worse. Might need to buy some more DNP. Upped my dose of E to 8mg for my blood work, I’ll send it in on my day off next week.


10 thoughts on “Nice try, detective

  1. “…Last night I realised I’ve been fucking up massively at work all week, I’ve been processing refunds without taking a fee…”

    Did you realise this on your own or did your workplace draw your attention to it? How much money did you fail to collect? Sounds like a big screw-up. Your days of slurping yogurt in that particular shitter may be numbered!


    • Me, I just randomly realised when going to bed. The refund fee is a small figure but I failed to collect it on a weeks worth of transactions. It’s more about the number of calls I fucked up.

      I still haven’t had my one-to-one with a manager unlike the rest of my training group.


      • Everyone fucks up at work. CEO. Line area manager. Mail room guy. Everyone. Important thing is how you deal with it.

        I recommend:

        1. Obviously, first things first – make sure you stop doing it
        2. Don’t make a big thing out of it. Definitely don’t alert anyone to it! if/when someone raises it as an issue acknowledge it matter of factly (DON’T APOLOGISE), concisely describe measures you have put in place to prevent it happening again, and try to change subject as quickly as possible. If manager wants to make a big deal out of it, cop it on the chin silently and impassively, but I repeat DO NOT APOLOGISE
        3. try to subtly lay blame for this fiasco on someone else (eg trainer). do this in a way that looks as though you are reluctant to point the finger at others (eg ‘yeh I should have known better, the training was OK but didn’t cover this in much detail, but yeh It wa my fault and I should have known better’ etc


      • I can’t push the blame, I’m not tactful enough.
        I can take the “no apologising” advice without understanding it but my concern is excusing myself for being so stupid in the first place

        I hate that I’m definitely one of the smarter people in my training group, I don’t need any help with the mechanics of the programs we use, I’m resourceful in that I can find answers without always having to ask for help, forgetting to add the refund fee for an entire month is just so basic.


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