I ate a spoon of peanut butter for breakfast and another couple throughout the day, my diet broke down at 4pm, I had two bagels, later I had some chicken and lastly, biscuits. I need the help of drugs to lose weight, that much is obvious, I’ll be able to sweat and fatigue myself on DNP again once I’m fired, absolutely dreading my fuck up being discovered, I think it must have happened today, tomorrow morning I’ll be asked for a chat. Probably getting fired soon anyway, I finished my background check authorisation and sent it off. Maybe a heavy dose of my beta blockers could calm me down.

It felt good to receive my first block of incomes from employment today, the figures from actual work are so much more significant than bennies.

All I did today was change the PIN on all my cards so they’re the same, went to ASDA to buy keto supplies but that seems a waste now unless the keto pancakes turn out to be filling, also bought coffee, I want to learn to like it. ASDA self-service machines didn’t accept AMEX, used the Amazon card. Checked in on my psych placed, I’m still on their counselling list, still waiting to reach the top, I was told it wouldn’t be long now but that’s pretty vague. My GP surgery is still determined to remove me from their list. Really was too exhausted to do anything, need to do some personal grooming, maybe this weekend.

Managed to get rank 10 on Hearthstone, I’m finding my form again.
I recorded my voice and heard it back, I sound fine when I speak slowly.

My dad has builders around, Indians, can’t speak English, one smiled at me in the hallway, I shrugged and scowled.


6 thoughts on “0935

  1. Everyone makes mistakes, you may not get fired. Why does it seem like you want to be fired when your job is a real source of fulfillment?


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