5 in a row

In the morning I was greeted by a meagre amount of snow gracing the car tops, fortunately it wasn’t especially cold today. I chose to wear the same jumper as yesterday, my wardrobe is limited outside of t-shirts and very few of those t-shirts are wearable with an open shirt. I’m not sure if it’s ok to wear the same clothes two days in a row but it feels like many people at work do.

At the train station and elsewhere I’m still looking at peoples shoes and womens clothing choices.

DnD guy still trying to make conversation, same feelings towards this as usual. Man City fan is being quite playful, pinching my jumper, I don’t get it. I failed my quality assessment again, my score is rising, 85%, but I’ve made the same error 5 times in a row,its showing willingness to help early into the call. I should be able to iron this out with time but it needs to be now, I can’t make the same mistake repeatedly, it’s so serious that I had a 45 minute training session on it today where I looked dim due to not paying sufficient attention. Lost 20 minutes of my lunch.

Last night I ate a little lasagne and watched half the Man City v Huddersfield game, it was one of the best games I’ve seen in a while, thoroughly entertaining. Too tired though to watch the whole thing. 

I’m playing Smash on my 3DS during break and travelling now, it’s fun.

Missed my train on the way back by seconds, the conductor could see me running down the stairs, we made eye contact but still he waved his little flag and scurried into his cabin, however due to his job requirements he was obligated to stare out of the window onto the platform until the train actually moved off. I stuck up my middle finger st him for 20 seconds or so without looking at him.


3 thoughts on “5 in a row

  1. “I stuck up my middle finger st him for 20 seconds or so without looking at him”

    Nice to see you pushing your anger back at the world rather than using it to brutalize yourself. There’s more than one way to piss in the world’s Ribena.


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