Laser sesh #5

A few notes from yesterday, I forgot to wear deodorant but it’s interesting to know how fast bottles can run out when they’re used at a normal rate. I made a joke about my sister and she asked if I’d ever drunk alcohol, I wouldn’t answer straight, she took that as confirmation, another secret she wrangled out of me. Credit card direct debits take a while to set up so I missed a payment on my AMEX, I hope that doesn’t impact my credit rating too much. Last point of note is that someone sat next to me at work (older gent), when leaving I enquired about his shift and made the classic normies joke “don’t enjoy yourself too much”.

The big thing I did today was attend me laser session, obviously, the train wasn’t busy, the weather wasn’t bad, it was a fine journey, I killed some time window shopping until my appointment. My usual laser technician wasn’t in, shocked, I felt I should have been made aware of this at the time of booking, I’ll just assume circumstances changed. The replacement tech was older, seemed more intelligent, also she wore a black uniform instead of white (also iirc she did my patch test). I found her difficult to speak to, while she was applying cleanser to my face she remarked that I had nice skin, I mumbled “thanks” and she said she was serious, my skin is apparently very clear. Her next remark irked me though, she complemented my hair and said that she wished she had so much, I hate obvious false compliments and attempts to build my self esteem.

The actual laser session though was great, she jacked up the strength of the laser, it was incredibly painful, made worse by her being extremely thorough in covering the affected areas of my face. On leaving I was told that I should expect significant hair loss as there were several swollen hair follicles. Saw a black woman on my way out, she smiled, curious how the majority of customers I’ve seen here have been non-white.

The train home was pleasant too, I didn’t loiter on my return, only item that caught my attention was a tactical police unit preparing for the local football, Rochdale vs Sheffield United.

I ate poorly, completely my mothers fault, she bought me a fucking tub of ice cream and a chocolate reindeer.

Took a gander at the normies footwear again, Adidas Originals seem to be popular among men and women, there are a few variations but they all look pretty similar, the only choice is the colour scheme, £75 at the top end though, quite the commitment. The only other thing I can think to spend money on is Hearthstone, it’ll be an enjoyable purchase but I won’t be free-2-play anymore, it’s less than a days wages though so it doesn’t make sense to be so stingy.

Having the classic fantasies of becoming more interesting at work.

Cleaned out my wardrobe a bit, still have few clothes but I dug up some more shirts I can wear with t-shirts.


9 thoughts on “Laser sesh #5

  1. > make smalltalk with co-worker
    > lol im a normie now
    > person makes smalltalk with me
    > holy shit fuck you

    What do you want out of life? What would actually make you happy?


    • I hate interacting with other people but I wish I could be a normal sociable individual.

      I try occasionally, but it’s only so I don’t come across as rude, I’m not so delusional to think anything I say or do will magically transform me into a normie


  2. “…I ate poorly, completely my mothers fault, she bought me a tub of ice cream and a chocolate reindeer…”

    You’re cross with mummy because she brought you a chocolate reindeer. You dont like work anymore because a mean man didnt want to sit next to you. And you’re not talking to your sister at the moment because she won’t share her harry potter pencil case with you.

    Its just all so mind numbingly pathetic. You’re a grown man (yes a MAN). There are people in this world with real problems. You ain’t one of them


  3. New reader of your blog. Do you ever read back your entries and see where it is you’re going wrong in your social interactions?


    • I know what the problem is, same now as it was then, I just don’t know what to say, how I’m supposed to react or how to carry the conversation.

      Reading my old entries, more than anything I just want to kick myself for poor decision making in general.


    • I can “force” myself into difficult situations but that doesn’t mean I’ll flourish or function at normal levels in those situations. It’s like throwing yourself into the gladiator pit, you’ll die eventually, quickly even but for a short while you’ll hang in there.


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