Tick Tock, wagie

Ate poorly again, I should just give up on keto, buy some yogurts and just go low cal. A burger meal and cereal is what I consumed today.

Used up my Amazon gift card, bought two t-shirts, a Godzilla one and a Cthullu one, decided against long sleeves but I probably need to buy more checked/flanel shirts. Haven’t bought my train tickets to court yet, waiting to see if my time-off from work has been approved, not that it would make a difference, wonder what I’d do if it was denied?

12-8 shift at work next week might be comfy assuming I pass a quality assessment for once.

My mother got my to admit that I hate pakis because 99% of them are rapists, what I didn’t bring up was how she’d always negatively remark that I was just like my father when I was younger while also revealing he was a rapist. She watched her cancerous paki dramas on freeview for most of the day while I was on my tablet.

Playing around with the idea of buying a Nintendo Switch since I have so much disposable income even though I’d rarely play it. Probably won’t buy new trainers, too expensive. I hit Rank 15 on Hearthstone by playing RenoPriest, still not maxed out that pity counter for my final Gadgetzan legendary card.

If I wake up early enough tomorrow I might do my blood test and/register with a GP. Stopped taking Duta/Fin completely, I’m interested to see if it returns penis functionality.


4 thoughts on “Tick Tock, wagie

    • I try to masterbate every 2/3 days for health reason. I did so just today, I feel no desire to masturbate since I have low T and low labido, I produce no ejaculate but I do feel pleasure once I reach orgasm.


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