12-8 week again

Started my 12-8pm shift today, got off to a rocky start, multiple angry customers in a row but after that I found my feet, it did shake me a little because two of them asked to speak to managers however after I spoke to my manager, I was able to relay enough information that they hung up and gave up on trying to speak to a manager personally. I felt a bit awkward in general whenever I had a query, which was frequent. I asked some stupid shit too. Since I had a late shift, I was worried about finding a seat and headset in the morning, I did have issues but it didn’t take too long to resolve.

The guy from Friday who I tried to make normie-talk with tried talking to me today, just said “only 3 hours to go!” and gave me a tip, didn’t respond at all, had no idea how to.

Rescheduled my dentist appointment. Got two days off work for court.

Made another fuck up but I may have covered my tracks, the only issue is that the customer in question will call back so my ass will hang on whether or not the one taking the call investigates.

I epilated my legs in the morning, it’s been a long time and so it also took a long time to complete the task.

Blood test tomorrow, maybe.

For a while now I’ve been interested in scenarios where men abduct women, lock them up for years and have kids with them.

Figured out the tranny at work is actually just a lesbian (noted her footwear and something I read /brit/), feeling quite smart and proud of myself.

Playing more Smash.


8 thoughts on “12-8 week again

  1. “… For a while now I’ve been interested in scenarios where men abduct women, lock them up for years and have kids with them…”

    Next time you’re stuck for something to say to your work colleagues just say this.


    • Someone said every lesbian they knew owned a pair of Doc Martin boots. I guess she’s possibly wearing some guy clothes too, I don’t know that much about lesbian fashion


    • It’s just something I’ve had on my mind for a while and if I used the opportunity to get it off my chest. It’s not something I’m going to follow up on, it’s just something going on in my head


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