In the morning I took my blood sample, still can’t drain enough blood from my finger using the blood prick tool, resorted to slashing my finger with a razor blade instead. Still took a while to fill the tube, dropped it off at the post office on my way to the wageslaving pit.

Today was a shockingly good day at work, my call stats are above average and I’m a miniscule distance from hitting all my probation targets. The only weird stats were the amount of time I live people on hold while I ask for help and my bathroom/water breaks, I should probably take advantage of this, I think it won’t negatively effect the calculation of my other stats such as call length. Quality is what I need to focus on, though I’m hitting 85%-90% now, it could be higher, I lack enthusiasm apparently. Also I’m escalating calls to my manager a bit too often.

Had my first one-to-one with my team manager, it was around an hour long, got some praise for my stats and was asked to share 3 interesting details about myself, I couldn’t think of anything other than I like anime/manga and American comics, I did mention I’ve had 6 jobs in the last 2 years, asked why that was I couldn’t answer, claimed I’ve been moving around a lot, that I live with my parents now and that I’m trying to sort myself out. There was also a question about what brought me here, I didn’t know how to answer as it was outside an interview setting, I looked away and said I needed a job, not really true, I want work so I’ll have a purpose. Manager also shared 3 items of trivia about herself, she’s in a band, a twin and studied RE at uni, mostly Islam, I piped up and said I’m agnostic, she is too.I find her easier to speak now but she does talk a lot so my inability to maintain eye contact is obvious.

The guy sitting next to me at work tried talking to me again, general chitchat about work, I just don’t know how to respond and when I try to force something out it’s an incoherent mess, that makes me look odd and the other party feel awkward. I need to stop forgetting to take my break.

I’m wearing sunscreen regularly now, it is probably noticeable. Not shaved since laser since it’s a little tricky soon after, hard to explain, will have to shave tomorrow since my patchy beard looks weird.

Just saw an advert for “Bio oil”, might need that.

Bought some clothes, don’t know why I chose maroon skinny jeans, just terrible, I have no idea what that goes with that. Should have just gone for a safe navy blue. Contactless doesn’t seem to be working on my cards.

I Had an argument with my sister about religion, she said me not being Muslim is more embarrassing than my dodgy haircut. Had some laughs before she went to bed. 

Ate well until I binged on truffles at night.


17 thoughts on “Impressive

  1. Wew lad bringing up 6 jobs in 2 years and saying you’re only there because you needed a job, when the real answer was so much more desirable. Really terrible combination.
    I don’t think you’re dumb m8, I just think you get flustered when anything unexpected happens.


  2. careful abt the bio oil. i used it once and it made my skin worse.
    maybe cos i used it wrongly but still!!!! just a mild warning


  3. Why don’t you tell people you’re an aspiring writer – tell them you’re midway through a writing project. That shit you said about anime was boring as hell. Embellish and invent. People don’t care. Just make shit up. Fake it until you make it Poley


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