Something happen pls

I tried drinking coffee again but failed, there must be something about hot drinks that I don’t understand.

Not really feeling or doing stuff, my job is my day, I sleep late, get home late, update blog, maybe a little Hearthstone and then sleep.

Work was fine, a few fuck ups again, might be paranoid but I’m noticing when I make cerain errors, emails are sent out as general reminders to everyone on how to do stuff. Still not using the hold function much. I took a closer look at my call stats, I don’t know how but I’m somehow taking on around 10 more calls than anyone else. My calls stats are also good enough to pass probation, it’s annoying that I’m not being rewarded for this.

The wrestling fan has left, lot of people leaving. The Man City fan wore his club shirt to work, turns out among his many tatoos there’s an “MCFC” one. DnD guy tried making conversation about us catching the same train but never seeing each other.

I need to explore a little more during lunch break, so bored of the same areas/shops every day. Today I browsed the Manga in the bookshop again, flicked through some YuGiOh until some young, I suppose qt  French girls approached and remarked “Manga!”, I hurriedly left, I’d have done that regardless of who infringed on my territory, I was just embarrassed being caught reading standard shounen.

Binged on chocolates at home again.

Shaved but my skin/hair is still messed, hoping that’s a good sign.

My Godzilla shirt arrived.


9 thoughts on “Something happen pls

  1. welcome to adulthood

    soul destroying routine, social alienation, gnawing workplace stresses, this is your future. These are things most people (‘normies’) need to contend with on a daily basis

    learn to find joy in the small things


      • Implying your daily life is not a constant exercise in self-delusion (about gender, ethnicity, sexuality)

        Finding joy in ‘small things’ (ie the regular and immediate) is a way to connect (not escape) to reality


  2. Instead of coffee, take up smoking. You can simultaneously declare your كافر status before your God and also commit suicide slowly, on a daily basis, which I know is your cherished dream.


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