On Target

Work was more or less the same as always, don’t think I messed up today. When I have questions there’s a woman I’m supposed to ask, I can’t tell if I’m annoying her.

My Cthullu shirt arrived, it’s too large. Such as shame, I’ll try getting an exchange.

Got a call from the job centre, they’re concerned because of how I’m paid it appears I made too little last year.

Finally pulled another legendary from a Gadgetzan pack.

My test results are in, good news.

We note that you are taking this test to monitor your hormones as you are undergoing male to female trangender treatment. 

Your testosterone and oestradiol are both in the normal range for a woman. Depending upon how far through your treatment you are you may want to change the sex recorded on your file to ensure that we use the correct reference ranges for interpreting your results. 


14 thoughts on “On Target

  1. You’ll always be a biological male. Regardless of how much you mutilate your body or manipulate your bodily chemistry. The best you can hope for is to exist in precarious state of self-delusion. This will end badly for you. Not trying to cruel, just stating fact.

    By the way, the executives of that online pharmacy that sold you those restricted drugs should be flogged and thrown in jail. They prey on the desperation of vulnerable, broken-down and weak-minded people.


    • The entire cabal that exists around this issue would, in a just society, be held up for ridicule and scapegoating, beaten with hoses like common whores under sharia and then imprisoned. Google “Mike Penner” sometime. That’s the reality of those who buy into the transgender acceptance movement.


    • Like every other tranny, when he realized being a man is difficult and full of responsibility.
      These transitions to ‘women’ and made under the misguided notion that women exist in an eternal childlike state where they are saddled with much less responsibility


    • Hard to pin point.
      When I was a kid I’d fantasise about being a girl, that continued for most my life, I just knew if given the choice I’d rather be born female, not sure why, at that age it wasn’t even about how they dressed there was just something there that I can’t describe, I wanted to befriend girls, play hopscotch etc I did feel boys/men were disgusting in comparison and when my facial hair started coming in young it caused me distress

      Maybe it has something to do with being raised by my mother/gran?

      Who knows but I am happier now, I like how my body is, I like having very little facial hair and body hair, I like my longer hair.
      It’s nothing about society, just myself and my body/appearance


      • have you ever imagined how it would be to with a girl rather then being one. still it is your choice but i will say MANUP and try to use your dick and see how you fell and i sure you will like it


      • Literally never, I’ve never fantasised about having sex with a woman, not even when masturbating

        I thought I’d like a gf but I’m not sure if I want much more than just a female friend?


      • > muh feelz

        You tried crazy pills, now you’re trying crazier pills. You see yourself as a broken human being, like many people who are young and struggling to find traction in the world. Putting the pieces together is hard, damn hard. Instead of toughing out that pain for good, you’d rather just blame biology (this new world’s version of “original sin”) and swallow blue pills to hope it “cures” you.

        It won’t, and you are now in a group which has the largest rate of suicide than any demographic in recorded history. You claim it “saved” you but the odds are now even worse, and your suicidal ideation is more pronounced than ever.


      • I may have killed myself sooner if not for the pills so is it not good if this delays my suicide even if it’s just a few years?

        You really don’t understand how my I hate(d) myself, I wouldn’t want to live in that state, there’s no reward for toughing it out


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